Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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The little bits make the whole

And I Got Me A Whole Lotta Bits!

Now a quick trip round the additional detail parts brought in for this gig.
Sandbags and plenty of 'em!

Two slightly different types as that's that i'm after.
Fits with the 'Use what we got and worry about pretty later' kinda post-apocalyptic wasteland vibe.

An excellent tool set by MiniArt that will certainly play a part somewhere here.
Seriously crisply moulded stuff it is too.

Wooden pallets for storing the shell stacks on at the back of the gun pit.

The centerpiece so to speak of this effort, the 155mm Howitzer.
Bronco models kit and bloody nicely done it is.

Excellent detailing and can't fault the springs for the elevation relief on the gun.
A one piece mould and really nice.

The open breech option is going to get used here.

So first things first for a start off, the sandbag ring.

216 bags all removed from the sprue, cleaned up and graded.

Started by laying them out on the plan, the bottom layer were just hacked up where required to fit more or less tightly together.

Some thin styrene sheet was then used and the bottom layer glued to that.
The next layers were formed by using a heat gun and squashing them in to place.

This will be done to about 4 or 5 layers but that depends on when I run out of sandbags.

Another addition was a side tunnel that, at least in the game,
runs from the ground to the top of the bastion so a mesh run up and printed.
Same roughing up and curing deal as the pit surround stones.

Onward to page 3 with ya!

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