Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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And thus, the hairy one didst speak...

"Let There Be Light...
And There Was Light...
Because It's Kinda Cool."

OK gang, onward with some silliness and a slight change of plan.

Did the paint job on the tunnel part.
Sprayed some Plastikote stone effect paint on the archway, stippled that down a bit,
then proceeded with the paint proper and much dirt wash work inside and out.

Now one thing that occurred to me, all that nice brickwork effect would be
a bit wasted as ya can't see it so a bit of a light up theme was set upon.

Those familiar with the game will know the 'Industrial Wall Light' of old so why not.
Lifted the game mesh and made a new one.

Original to the left, new mesh to the right.

So some printing and very careful trimming later got what was required.

Fitted out with an SMD LED and some clear acrylic rod, the beastie assembled and painted.

Some Tamiya clear yellow got applied to the clear acrylic as they are always yellowed in the game.

Fitted in to place and the wiring and extra cables placed.
The extra stuff to be explained in a bit.

A bit wonky but left it like that to go along with the 'Does the job even if it ain't pretty' thing...

My excuse and sticking with it...

So the light up test with the small block of 9 volts and me likes what me see.

Yep should do the job.
The off/on pic of course.

It also occurred in my brain that just having one LED light was a bit of a
waste for a 9 volt battery so came up with the idea of adding another.

Decide to upgrade the computer terminal in the tower,
This one you may recall from page 1.

Which will also explain the other wiring in the tunnel which will carry those lovely electrons where they can do some more good.

So modified the mesh and printed another along with the paint palaver.
Original to the left, new to the right.

So a single SMD LED fitted behind a piece of clear styrene with a Commonwealth map decal on it.
All sealed in with clear resin and sorted.

Looks a bit sharper here and there so in with the battery and...

Aye, that'll about do it.
The inevitable off/on pic as usual.

So last bit for this update...
Painted the stone bits for the pit surround.

Vallejo desert yellow, sepia tone wash and mucho drybrushing got what I wanted.

The scribed cracks look okedoke as does the water drain grille ones so all good.

A quick dry fit up to give and idea of how they will look.

Also printed up a fist full of cinder blocks.
These are all over the bloody place in the Commonwealth so why not.
They will be used as hold downs on the tarpaulin covering the artillery shell stacks on the pallets.

Took a few chunks out of a few of them just to make things a bit different.

And that's the lot for this update, more later as and when I get around to it.
You merry mob look after yaselves out there now.

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