Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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Details, details, details...

And There's Quite A Bit Of Those About.

Time to look at some of the other detail parts people!.

First to the wooden pallets that the said details will rest upon.
The Miniart stuff quick recap from page 1...

So paintwork abounds and decided to have some well old and blackened woodwork,
along with slightly weathered and the 'could have been made a few months ago' look.

Trimmed, cleaned, assembled and paintwork duly done.

So time to pile things on, some 3D printing and paint pandemonium did happen.

Fuse containers and first up with a closed one with a blue plastic bin
full of artillery shell discarded transport plugs.
Paintwork of polished steel with silver drybrushing for the container.
Bin in weathered blue and plugs in acrylic silver and yellow with a dab of Tamiya smoke.

Granted in the real world the transport plugs should be black but
this ain't the real world so a dash of colour because why not.

Open fuse container with fuses in place and an empty transport tray.

Discarded shell transport plates, 3D printed using he kit supplied ones as a template
and rolled securing straps made from masking tape and a dab of brown wash.

Shell stacks ready and being readied for use.
The grey shell lot with one fuse fitted and one being fitted that
will hopefully have a figure doing just that.

One side note is that I do like Bronco kits but their decals are not that great.
Thin but brittle and no amount of Microsol and Microset would make the buggers go on
without a fight and silvering even over a gloss base but did what I could so it is what it is.

The solo shell will be in the hands of a figure that, like the rest, is still to be sorted.

One lot done.

Covered shell stacks.
Use tissue paper and a mix of acrylic green and scenic glue which gives them the ratty/just holding together and old look.
This is also where the cinder blocks come in.

Same kinda tissue and slop deal with the other bits of removed and sort of folded tarpaulin.
Laid them down on pieces of double sided tape backing paper.
Has the benefit that it's smooth and non-absorbent so when all is dry, just peel the paper off.

They will do nicely to be placed in the vicinity of the pallets at the rear of the gun pit.

Tubes holding the charges for the howitzer.
Same decal problems but ah well.
Metal stanchion from chopped up 2mm thick styrene sheet.

The charges themselves painted.
These will be placed as required.

Modified one tube with a charge being slid out.
This will have a figure, yet to be built, doing just that.

Last of the little detail bits as such.
Got this set for a bit more stuff for the gun pit setup.

Excellent injection moulded goodies and the fused shells were done in turned brass.
Decals were a dream to apply and they conformed very nicely.

Shell stacks in transport configuration with straps.
The strapping was just painted masking tape and did the deal for the look.

Discarded charge tubes.
These will sit just to the side of the gun.

Last lump.
Shells and charges, this will go just to the rear of the gun,
the solo shell will be in the hands of a loader figure yet to be sorted.

The shell plates and charge box all 3D printed.

And that's it for this update!
Time to place all these bits in a container with the rest
for safe keeping and when I get around to doing the rest at some point.
I know not when but it'll appear in the next update when i do.

You goodly gang look after yaselves out there now!

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