Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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Well I bought them...

So Better Make Use Of Them!

Whatho gang!

OK then, a somewhat unplanned bit but bear with me.
I got this set with the view to working it in somehow...

So let us be about it then!

A tool shack/shed/maintenance whatever is in order so much slicing up of 2mm styrene sheet did happen.
Ended up that no two strips were exactly the same and that works for me.
Much chopping and gluing later got this...

It's a start so onward with the bits to go in there.
Pin board for some of the tools first so away to the 3D printing realm.
A swiftly made up mesh shunted to the the magic box and done.

The required paint and weathering of course.

Then on to mega squint time for the tool paint and place where required with tiny bits of wire for the pins the tools rest on.
One half of the board sorted.

A lick of paint to some of the other bits.

Tool board done.

So far so good, extra bits now.
A stack of cinder blocks with an anvil ready for all the
hammering the crap outta something should it be required.

Workbench top.
2mm styrene with a covering of aluminium foil tape.
Said covering was whacked with whatever implement came to hand, wet sanded the dirt washed.
Other tools placed as appropriate.

Outer cladding considerations and settled for corrugated metal as there always plenty of that about in the Commonwealth.
Mesh made up and printed.

Fun quirk, thin section printed stuff has a habit of deforming somewhat in the alcohol cleaning,
then straightening out during curing.
For my purposes, the last bit thankfully didn't happen so wrinkled and bent sheets is what one wanted and ended up with.

Each piece is about .032mm or around 13 thou" thick.

Removed from the support material and cleaned up.
Much weathering/rust/peeling paintwork to be done.
I want it to look like it was scrounged for different places as that fits with the theme.

Last bit for this update.

Throwing in another wasteland item, the radio.
This is how it looks in-game.

So pulled the game mesh and built a new one for printing.

Parts breakdown for my mesh.

Printed, painted and assembled.
Went for a slightly cleaner/refurbished look...
Or at least looking like someone gave it a wipe over with some Abraxo and a clean rag.

Reclaimed and well weathered plastic side table for it to sit on.
Usual print, paint and weather routine.
Radio in place.

Now when switched on in the game, the tuning widow lights up.

Well who am I to do otherwise.
Additional slight glow of the vacuum tubes from the back, this is Fallout and the transistor was never fully developed in the Pre-Great War world.

And that's the lot for this update!
More to come as and when I get around to it.

You merry mob look after yaselves and go easy out there now.

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