Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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A few little bits left to do...

Then Time To Get The Tool Shed Together!

Last of the detail bits for the tool shed thingy.

Had to have some Abraxo in the mix so styrene cores and the texture from the game cleaned up
and printed on self adhesive label paper.
A bit of the slice, stick and fold action and 'twas a done deal.

Two boxes of he bog standard and one of industrial grade...
Well two plus centuries of apocalyptic wasteland grime ain't gonna clean itself.

That done, onward with two of the more numerous junk items,
A broom and a plunger!

Made up a couple of meshes then in with the print and paint pandemonium as usual.

Two more 'find 'em all over the place' items in the Commonwealth, duct tape and a battered clipboard.
Usual mesh build, print etc. lark.

Finally got the gumption up to sort the two tool boxes from the MiniArt tool set.
Assembled and painted.

All those photo etch tools were fun to deal with in a somewhat masochistic fashion but done and done.

A couple of enameled type metal buckets, with some of the coating knocked off of course.

Second to last, the 'Makeshift Battery'.
This is how it looks in-game.

A quick mesh whipped up, and the usual fun and games had.

So time to get this all together.
Frame and hardstand painted up.

Place all the components where they should be.

Getting the cladding on.
A weathering/shading pass once it's all on will sort it.
I wanted this to look like they got the stuff from wherever they could find it.

So cladding done, radio and anvil on stack of cinder blocks in place.

Has the cobbled together with a touch of ramshackle look I was going for so all good.

Can't see things to well in shadow but that's expected.

Looks the part with the light on though.

Apart from a couple of small things to do, that it for the tool shed.

More to come next update, you goodly gang go easy out there now.

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