Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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And the hoo-ha continues...

Hoo-Ha With A With A Howitzer As It Happens!

Onward once again gang!

Time to get started on the centerpiece of this endeavor.

This beastie!

As noted before, a very crisply moulded article so tiny bits time and away.

Now to begin with, a possible upgrade look see.
Bronco do an aluminium barrel for this so had to have a closer look.

Now comparison to the stock barrel.

Shiny enough and while both have rifling, the metal one is a lot more crisp.

Upside is that the aluminium barrel is potentially a better thing, it is only hollowed out at the muzzle
where the stock one is clear all the way through.

Now builders choice here bit since i'm having an open breech on mine, the stock one makes more sense.
Or maybe it's just me but anyway.

Polished steel with silver drybrushing for the patchy metal look.
The rifling at the muzzle came out nice so all good.

Breech, barrel shroud, door, door damper and recoil tube assemblies done.

Dry fit assembly look see on the breech.

Nice and crisp, me likey!

Barrel shroud and recoil tubes assembled.

A couple of goodly coats of Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab and that's the base paint done.

Breech painted.
Same Olive Drab with dark dirt was and mucho drybrushing in shades of
Olive Drab with a little bit of grey added for the final touching over.
Some wear marks in silver added.

Breech locking mechanism in Vallejo silver with thinned Tamiya smoke to bring that detail out.
Barrel attached.

So to the rest, sight built and scratch built a part that pinged out of my fingers and went I know not where.
Shit happens, get on with it.

Azimuth mounting assembled to the shroud, base OD paint done.

Dark dirt wash, mucho drybrushing and a few licks of silver later get's this.

Azimuth relief springs done and that was a teeth gritting episode if ever there was one!
14 parts per spring set.

Barrel fitted.

Side armour plates sorted out and attached.

And that's the gun part sorted, carriage up next and that's for the next update!

You merry mob go easy out there now.

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