Fallout 4 inspired Minuteman Artillery Position
1/35th Scale

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Outward and onward!

Getting The Howitzer Done...
And An Addition.

Hey ho folks!
Finishing out the large 'go bang' thing so let's be about it.

Assembled the center part of the carriage, rear spades and front foot plate.

One of the trail arms assembled.

Carriage assembled and base coated in Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab.

Handbrake assemblies for the wheels assembled and in the base paint.

Wheels and tyres dealt with in the same way.

Paint finishing for all those!.

Flory models dark dirt wash with just a little rust wash mixed in,
coated all the relevant bits with the mix and sealed with matt varnish.

Then working up the dry brush coats of Olive Drab and mid green with IJN Grey thrown in to the mix.

Gave the finish a nice shaded and subtly rusted in the crevices look which suits the theme just fine.

Handbrake assemblies treated likewise.

Wheels and tyres finished up.
The standard OD washed with the dark dirt/rust mix thing and dry brush up for the hubs.
Tyres in German Grey, drybrush in IJN Grey and gone over where needed in dark dirt wash.

Handbrake assemblies in place.

Rolling stuff set where it should be.

A dab or several of the sticky stuff and gun set in place.

Now to the additional bit.

The thought of this did make me giggle a bit so why not and i'll try to incorporate it somehow.

Said thing being an Outhouse/Crapper/Thunderbox/call it what you will.
Mesh made up and printed.

Some paintwork, wash and dry brush dabbling later got this...

Aye, that'll about do it!

And that's all for a while, kinda Olive Drabbed out here so leaving it alone for a bit.

More will come later though I promise.
You goodly gang look after yaselves out there now.

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