Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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Well now...

it's A Kinda Curvy Yellow Plastic Thingy...But in A Nice Way.

Greetings gang!
Well now, got handed this by a long time friend & client as a task to get sorted.
He be a bit of a maniac but trust me, it's the good kind.
So then to begin with it's the inevitable kit review...and why not I say.

So What in Da Box Den?

Packed into the 14" x 14" x 4" box we find some plastic, well, quite a lot actually.
injection moulded in yellow, grey and clear plastic.
First things first, main sprues for the rather crisply moulded interior parts...

Then some more interior/exterior parts in yellow with the windows and reactor core parts done in clear.
The large front windows are pretty good clarity wise.
Not perfect but still pretty good!

Last of the smaller bits.
The clear moulded floor plate and the clear and very nicely nostalgic Aurora like two piece stand.
Probably will use the stand in this.
Most likely I envisage a disc of clear acrylic the same diameter as the bottom docking ring for it to rest on.
Well...seems a waste of a perfectly good stand otherwise.

Last but by no means least...the very sizable top and bottom fuselage/hull parts.

Now right now i'll just say that I am not a Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea fan.

(Hereinafter referred to as VTTBOTS)

But I do really like the design of the Seaview and particularly this beastie.

And at a smidgen over 13 & 1/2" wingspan, i'll not complain!
And for the size merchants, here's an old shell of one of the original Aurora models for a size comparison.

Nice eh?

Finally to top it all of, a three page colour..yes colour...gate fold A4 destruction sheet with paint list and a potted history of the subject at hand.

Now the brief is fairly straight forward for this, i.e. all the lighting and detail bells and whistles possible and make it self contained.
That is to say all power onboard with no wiring leading out.
Well as usual, probably only going to ever build one so full on or not at all I say.

So from just OOB perspective...
Nice and crisp moulding, lots a parts and a pretty big model kit that will make a big and pretty model in the end.
if there was to be one gripe, no pilot figures.
in this however, the aftermarket mob has stepped up to the plate and more on that once I place the order and get the figure.

There are, at this time of writing, some stuff in the works from the aftermarket upgrade brigade vis resin and photo etch.
Also lighting kits of varying types available but that lot may or may not get a look in here depending on how and when it's all available and how quick the build goes.

Now one question, colour's on the interior.
Well the gang at Moebius include some stuff on the destruction sheet about that and have obviously done their more than fair share of DVD watching.

For my own tastes i'd prefer not to watch too much of it BUT there are two episodes that stand out for internal stuff.
Season 2 and the episodes "Time Bomb" which was the first appearance and the other is "The Silent Saboteurs" which has a whole rake of interior set stuff.

And since i'm a real helpful kind of bloke, a rake of screen caps duly posted at the link below for the rest of you build fiends out there...enjoy!

Flying Sub interior Ref Pic Page

And that's that for this page, mucho silliness to come.

Next a later date, Go easy gang!

Page 7, soldering silliness aplentyPage 9, more bits and bobs

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