Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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And last but by no means least...

The Final Finish Thing
Part 2.

Ah there ya be!
Goodoh!, let's be attending to the last bits then.
Shall we?...

So first task up is the back end bulkhead as it were.
Simple enough deal with an aluminium finish and some ever so slightly darker stuff brush applied to the indents and lines.
A wee bit of pastel dirt thrown in for good measure.
Ended up looking a bit like this.

Subtle but certainly all there.
So then, the front bulkhead was given the aluminium treatment and sorted.
Then there was much jammin' with the Jammydog masking tapes and some application in an airbrush fashion of some enamel matt blue.
A mix of medium and dark blue seems to get about the shade me be after...more or less.

So a bit of masking removal round the front windows and a clean up of slight ms-alignment in the striping and we got this...

And the second to last bit to glue on, the top hatch.
After some drybrushing with a smidgen of light blue on the top docking ring thing.

Finally, some dark wash and pastel dirt in certain places in the front bulkhead.

So last but by no means least, the wire guards on the front lights.
Took a measurement of the surrounding bezel on the model and made up a quick build jig of sorts.
Nothing more exotic than a circle with holes drilled in it needed and some wire bending and soldering stuff took place.

A few holes drilled, a dab of cyano and a lick of paint later, they be put where they should be.
I did adjust them slightly so the frame front faces the direction of travel more or less.
Just seemed a bit different and maybe a bit better than just a cross over the front.

And that's pretty much that for the build as such.
Just added a thin foam ring to the stand to settle it better on the top and done.

And of course, not forgetting the done and dusted look over...

and the lit up looksee!

Well a full galley with vid proper at the piccie button below.

Enjoy and i'll see ya for the next round of hellhole happenings later.

Go easy out there you merry mob!

Page 7, soldering silliness aplentyPage 9, more bits and bobs

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