Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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The walls are a closin' in...

So Better Close in On Them First Methinks!

Welcome back folks and folkettes.
Ok so closing in on the internal walls here.
Last time they had their primer coat so down to the paintwork proper like.
As a decent base, a dark grey of the enamel variety was selected and air brushed on.
Then a grey black wash applied here there and everywhere.
Finally a dab of the drybrush in the original dark grey and worked up with medium to lighter grey in about 4 passes.
The result as follows...

So far so good.
Onward to the individual wall bits and instrument panels and so on.
Now for some fun and games!
First up, the reactor core panel.
After masking the larger part and two smaller box protrusions, airbrushed a light stone colour which seems about right...ish for the background.
Detail pick outs in ordinary enamel matt black, matt white and silver.
Once painted then fitted the now frosted clear part and done.

Then we get to the cabinet/bunk section.
Same light stone for the top bunk part airbrushed.
The mattress thing just satin black enamel.
The fire extinguisher done in acrylic matt red and over coated with acrylic clear gloss.
Top and hose done in enamel silver and satin black respectively.

Ok then. onto the rear bulkhead door bit.
The redoubtable masking tape two step followed by the airbrushed light stone.
The door wheel was simply done in acrylic matt red and over coated with acrylic clear gloss.
i noticed from the screenies and other reference the the door wheels have a silver or light grey center, so silver fitted the bill and glued on.
Rotated the wheel slightly just to be different.

Nice and sharp so next please!
The rear wall panel with the radio set up.
At least it was a radio setup in the eps I saw so that'll do for a name.
A dab of light grey for the smaller plate and switches picked out in enamel black, white and silver.
A light lick of silver around the holes for the lights and some fiddling about with small brush and pencil for panel markings.
A wee dab of matt light grey and some faffing about for the grille thingy at the top.

I did note from one of the screen caps that this panel has the hand mike and curly wire attached so who am I to argue.
A small shaped nugget of plastic square strip and a small length of wound 3amp fuse wire, a lick o' black and cyano to fix.
Aye, that'll about do it.

And just for the heck of it, a dry fit of that panel and the rear bulkhead door panel as it should be.

Yeah, I think I can just about live with that.

So last but by no means least, the front side wall panels.
Airbrushed the light stone colour for the front piece then there was much masking and good old fashioned brushwork to be had.
Varying shades of grey/blue grey with buttons and other controls picked out in black, silver and white.
Some Tamiya clear colour's on the white buttons just for the purpose of getting away from the shades of grey scheme.
Some colour's going by the screen caps, others just winging it as to what looks good.
The panel handles are just some bent up 0.5mm brass wire into holes drilled with a pin vise.
Last thing I needed was a spinning drill bit to go screamin' across the paintwork, which knowing my luck it bleedin' well would do!

Alrighty then!
So, some paint misdemeanors to clear up and straighten out but certainly getting there.
Now you will have noticed that the long rectangular wall panel has just some buttons picked out in white on black background.
Well as said before, this thing will be a sealed article and the top docking ring will be fixed in a permanent fashion.
So therefore, any interior will be only what you can see through the front windows.

So when this piece gets fitted and a look see through said windows, well, this is the extent of what can be seen.

See what I mean?
Just no way to see the panel so no point in painting it beyond what's been done.

So all that aside, aye, time for the dry fit and photo session I am to be a reckonin'

Oh I do believe I like it!
Still a ways to go but I think i'll chalk today's work as a win for the home team and that'll do for me.

Well now, next up just a little final cleanup paint wise and sort 'fore the next push and that's the start of the lighting installation.
So that should keep me outta trouble for a while...or not as the case may be.

i'll see ya on the next update people, go easy now.

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