Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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Round things...

And I Need A Place To Stick 'Em.

Welcome back to the hellhole gang!
Well now, we be down to the flashy/blinky/whoopdedo electronic trickery...stuff.
Plan up until this point was to have the switches and battery recharge sockets behind the rear bulkhead door which would be spring loaded.
Well the plan almost holds still but having a good head scratch lead me to at least one conclusion.
Good though spring loading is and what have you, I envisage having the door wedged open for long periods during recharge will eventually weaken the spring.
Last thing ya need on a submersible is a flapping hatch.
Plus scratching through plugs being shoved in and removed just didn't quite fit the bill.
So with that in mind, a rethink occurred and I came up with this idea..

Place the recharge sockets in the center of the engine rings..
i know it sounds a little odd but bear with me here.
Here are the parts concerned...

So the back of the engine ring need just a smidgen of drilling out to fit the thread on the socket.
The depth was about half way down the center hole.
Done in short order and the thread used to screw the lil' devil into place.
Only a hair of plastic need removing from remaining untouched bit of the center hole to allow the plug to slip in neatly.

After all that messin' about, we generally end up with this lot.

And the socket ends with them thar ring things fitted in.

Rightyho then.
So to the engine lighting.
Using the stock engine tube cap thingies, the rear was drilled out to accept 6 hyper bright 3mm LED's for each tube.
A mixture of two orange, two red-orange and two red.
it will all become clear as to why I promise.
So holes drilled, a lick of aluminium paint to the inside, LED's fitted and the 'make sure they stay there' epoxy gunk liberally added.

So to the flashing thingies.
These be they...

As said before...well I think I mentioned it...the engines needed to have lights and with a very slight flickering.
Now i'll be honest here, designing circuits to do this is not my strong suit.
Finding a decent circuit layout or ready made item was a bit of a non-starter So just for a try out I decided to see what could be done with standard stuff.
Now all these are off the shelf modules as it were with self assembly required.
Assembly really is as simple as it gets soldering wise.
Destructions are clear and concise as to what components go where.
No need to even know resistor codes for example as they have the colour's listed as well as the values so not a problem.
it's literally a case of slot component into the place marked on the PCB, solder and done.
For the purposes of the engine lights, 3 in each engine will be constant on.
The other three will be hooked up to the strobe unit and one 5mm bright red center LED will be hooked up to the flasher.
idea being a red orange glow with a slight flicker.

Just incase you may be interested, the modules used are as follows:
Velleman mini kit Dual White LED Strobe code MK147
Velleman mini kit Flashing LED code MK101
Both these and some other bits can be found at their site:
Velleman Electronics.
Just click on the language of your choice and on the next page, put the code into the search and there ya have it!.

So the three constant were all set up with resistors and wired up.

The other LED's were wired up without resistors as the strobe/flasher board would handle that.
So the engine tubes all set up, the back bulkhead of the FS-1 was given a licking over airbrush fashion to even out the aluminium paint and all was duly wedged in with plenty of epoxy gunk to make it stay put.
The whole mess looking summat like this.

So still picture wise, it all looks summat like this.

The flashing LED board was cranked up to full speed and the strobe board was set to the fastest flash rate it's got before the LED's are just constant on.
Tried to get some vid but two DV cams just wouldn't pick it up.
Thankfully the old, dusty and still functional video tape camcorder just about did the necessaries for that.
A bit difficult to pick up but it is there.
The now standard Shakycam Productions vid should be showing below ...i hope.

if it isn't showing however and your the curious type then by all means do the right click and 'Save Target As...' right about,

And on an electronically related note, the Light sheet mob were as good as their word and that turned up yesterday.
The standard lights off/on pics of course.

Me like a lot!
And that's that for now people.
With luck a large pack of differing colour LED's are winging their way to me as we speak.
Then it will be time for the reactor panel effect...oh yes!

Go easy out there me merry modeling mucks.

Page 7, soldering silliness aplentyPage 9, more bits and bobs

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