Moebius Models Flying Sub
1/32nd Scale

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The details...the nitty gritty...the odds and sods...

The Bits And Bobs if You Will...
Part 1

Howdo all!
Well the only thing i'm waiting on is the pilot figures so until they arrive, this will be a WiP on hold.
But before we get there, some details to be a taken care of.
To take it in order, the rear hatch first.
Plan was and still is for the spring loaded door so...
Some 1.2mm (About 3/64th") brass rod happens to fit the hinge holes nigh perfectly so that's that bit.
A single small torsion spring slotted on to said brass rod as it's put through the hinges.
Some plasticard shims to make sure the spring doesn't slide and to get just a smidgen of tension on the door.
Just enough that blowing on it will not open it.
And that way there will not be too much stress placed on the plastic hinges.
A dab of the epoxy keep still gunk applied to each end and done.

Then we get to the switch box behind the aforementioned hatch.
Using the stock kit corridor, a lump at the end where this would normally be was chopped off.
Some 1.5mm plasticard glued and foil taped to the back then a couple of holes drilled to take the toggle switches.

Then the redoubtable wiring soldered on, insulated just incase and the whole unit fixed in position.

Top docking ring also glued into position.

Form there we go galloping forward to the front instrument panel.
This was painted the same light stone sorta colour as the forward sides and fixed to the interior walls.
Reason being is that in order to light this, a chunk of the front floor panel would require removal.
Now the floor panel front point is in part what makes the front instrument panel sit as it does and it would get in the way of fiber optic placement.
So the interior was seated where it should be, the front instrument panel likewise and light pencil markings were done.
Some paint scraping removal to get at the raw plastic, re-seat the instrument panel and glue in.

The out with the circular saw blade on the whizzy screaming drill and slice daintily.

So that cleared, time for a wee bit of paint touching up for the bits that can just about be seen.
Then thread the FO through and feed to one of the light boxes and take a look with the front windows just dry fitted.
I only took the one pic because you can't see anything worthwhile of the front instrument panel from any angle.

Ah well there's 30mins of my life I wont get back...
Moving on swiftly...
Removed the cross frame over said lights from the front bulkhead as it was just going to be in the way masking wise.
i'll make another one from some brass wire to be attached after main painting is complete.

So front windows placed as per destructions, front light clear parts likewise and interior lump installed and fixed down.
Have to say, for styrene injection mould, the windows are clear with very little distortion noticeable.

Of course i'll have to get the window cleaner to up his game.
Covered in finger marks they are!
Just can't get good help these days i'm tellin' ya.

So that sorted, time for a bit of additional stuff for the 'to be attached' list.
Decided to use some of the patterned plasticard I have a pile of in the drawer.
A bit of measuring and slicing got some shapes to sort of 'fill in' the gaps on top of the framing.
Also when in and back foiled, they will help stop any light leaks from the EL sheet.
And with a plastic this colour, the light shows through with ease.
Just to be certain, a spray of the light stone inside the top front fuselage.

And finally as they say on the nightly news, the reactor panel board and inverter for the light sheet fixed in courtesy of some double sided foam tape.
Put a bit of foil tape on the switch because I can just see me switching it off inadvertently while closing this puppy up when we get to it.

That be the lot for now.
Just have to sort the second fire extinguisher, ladder, forward lights and some interior light bleed stoppage...
Probably some other stuff too but that's for next time so i'll see thee lot then!.
Go easy gang.

Page 7, soldering silliness aplentyPage 9, more bits and bobs

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