Fallout 4 APC/IFV 3D Printed
1/35th Scale

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I had an idea...

And That's Where The Fun Usually Starts.

Welcome along to this all in one and done WIP people!

I wasn't going to do a WIP as such, just pics for some of the
Facebook groups i'm in but what the hell, here we go then.

To try and cut a long story short,
I really like the Fallout franchise of video games to the point i've run a couple of tabletop RPG's set in the Fallout universe.
That said, this is where the idea for this sprang from.
It was the first tabletop one I ran which takes place some years after Fallout 4,
so a sort of Fallout 4.5 if you will.

This vehicle represents the type used by the Minutemen and is one of the 'new builds' from the
Mahkra Vehicle Manufacture and Repair facility in the northeastern part of the Boston Commonwealth, circa 2320.

Lighter, faster and with variable armament capability, these are the Type 2's used throughout
the expanding Commonwealth by the Minutemen.

So to the model,
I lifted the mesh from the game archives and used it as a template to build my own mesh.

It's a lot more in depth as the game one was detailed using textures.
A better interior was also called for since the game one was very basic.

The below pics for comparison...
My mesh to the left, game one to the right.

The rear door had to be detailed properly as the game one was done via textures.
My one to the right, game one to the left.

So knocking on the door of 750,000 polygons later, time to get printing.
Top and bottom body shells.

Did not come out too badly and certainly something I could work with.

So those to properly clean up but the interior parts done.

I decided to kind of go for broke and did proper seating with harnesses.
I didn't want cookie cutter types looking all exactly the same so did eight,
all just slightly different to not make it look so staged.

That done so those, chair frames the side walls, flooring and interior ceiling primed, cleaned up,
painted, weathered, assembled and decaled as required.
The green stuff representing anti-slip material is just 180 grit sandpaper.

Paintwork just Tamiya AS-20 insignia white,
Dark dirt promodeler wash then a dry brush with Vallejo ivory.
Vallejo rattle can matt varnish to seal.

A bit of a dry fit looksee and me like what me see.

The hubs and tires printed, cleaned up and painted.
Hubs in Tamiya AS-20 with dark dirt, mud and sand washes
Matt varnish to seal.
Tires done matt black then german grey dry brushed.
Again dry brushed with german grey, a little ivory added.
Last coat with more ivory on a very light dry brush.
Sealed with matt varnish and i really like how they came out.

Exterior detail parts.
The big ram plate or whatever it is on the front and a couple of greeblies for the back.
The greeblies done the same as the hubs.
The plate in primer grey, metallic grey dry brush and plenty of dirt/mud/sand wash and sealed.

Interior bits.
Driver/gunner panels and steering yokes.
Panels were a back and front pieces with a decal.
Usual dry brush dance over solid colours and done.

Now the one from Fallout 4 has the same gun turret on all
of 'em but the Type 2's ones have two variants.

This is the standard one I christened the 2" Gun.

Oh, for the handles on all the turrets, brass wire was used.

Paint was Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab, Dark dirt wash and dry brush in XF-62 Olive Drab with a drop of ivory.

Had a little dry fit session with that and the other turrets.

The twin 5mm Minigun turret

The .50 cal Quad Machinegun turret

Well that's about enough for this page so away with ya!
Page 2 awaits!

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