Fallout 4 APC/IFV 3D Printed
1/35th Scale

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Bits, pieces..

And A Few LEDs Thrown In

Okedoke then, ya here, so off we go!

Did the usual paint and wash thing to the rear door.

Just had to have a dry fir look see...
Well I didn't have to, I just wanted to.


Cleaned up the driver/gunner seat area surround and
threw some paint and wash at it in the usual fashion.
Control boards and yokes in place.

Also fitted a couple of SMD LEDs for a couple of downlights to show up the boards.

LEDs also fitted to the interior ceiling so time to get some bits in to place.
Cleaned up the top body shell and got to it.
Clear styrene fitted to all the windows.

A quick lighting test

Also fitted out for the combat red lighting.
So from white light to red light.

So top and boottom body parts brought together and just a lick of aves to fill any small gaps.
Headlights fitted proper, just left the wires where they were for looks.

So lighting test, top bottom and both on.

The front office lights look good through the top hatch hole.

And the rear light works.

Some light blocking to do but that was expected.
Onward to page three!

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