Fallout 4 APC/IFV 3D Printed
1/35th Scale

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Brass wire, hooks...

And Some Paint Will Sort It.

OK, next bits!

Hand hold/steps installed, exterior stowage hooks where they should be.

Windows and clear parts gone over with liquid masking.
Painted the trapezoid like side boxes dark earth and dry brushed with desert yellow.
Masked once dry and the rest of the lump done with Tamiya TS-28 Olive drab.

Inset area around the rear door masked and gone over with AS-20.
Dirt washed, dry brushed and given a good coat of matt varnish.

Weathering, decals, masking removed and detail parts attached.

The front plate and ball mounted machine guns.

Side window covers, two open and two closed.

Gun cameras fitted.

Top hatch on.

Open says me!

Rear inset detail parts fitted.
And a rear door dry fit look see.

That's ya lot for this page so outward and onward to page 4!

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