Fallout 4 APC/IFV 3D Printed
1/35th Scale

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Terra Firma!

Or At Least A Base For This Thing To Stand On.

I wanted something in keeping with the game so dived in to the game archives and lifted a bit of road mesh.
Had a goodly poke about the polygons, made some cracks,
added the holes for fixing the vehicle down and running the wires through,
then printed it in two parts to fit the build volume on the Form 3.

After printing, the parts are still a but soft on the surface,
I took advantage of this and brought a large wire brush in to play.
The surfaces are smooth as anything else like surface detail is done by textures in the game.

I rocked the brush back and forth with a fair amount of pressure, over the surface
so got the roughness I was after.

Parts put in the cure machine and when done, glued together.

Some more surface cracks scribed in and looking like I wanted it to.

And so, to the paint!

Self etching grey primer and a squirt or three of Tamiya light grey primer.

Required a well worn yellow line so taped off and liquid masking applied with a sponge.
Four rather hefty coats of dark yellow did the trick.
Masking removed.

Dark dirt wash with splodges of mud and sand wash liberally laid on.
After that all dried, the spit dampened paper towel wipe down and matt coat.

Yep, that'll about do it!

So to the dirt dept.

Found some fine sand laying about so got that,
put some in an old kit box bottom and agitated said box
while spraying matt varnish.

Did the same again but used grey primer instead, both of which clumped up nicely.

Mixed and the sifted to get a pile of large lumps and one of small lumps.

With the help of some model railway scenic glue, that lot got put where I wanted it.
A very old and well worn paintbrush got trimmed and donated the bristle ends for the scrub grass.

That'll do for page 4 so away to page 5 and the finishing stuff.
Oh Yes!!

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