Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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Waddya know...

Still Yellow, Still Curvy, Still Cool.

Greetings gang!
And welcome back for another Flying Sub build but with some more added...
And more fiddled about with than last time.

Okedoke then, to business...
Last build I did a relatively in depth what in do box review.
You can find that nonsense by clicking the linky button below.
If one feels the need that is...

So this particular one slung my way by a very nice gentleman in the US.
Basic brief was to light it up the same as the first build.
On top of which, a few goodies sent along with it to use.

So the basic parts parade first off then.
The plastic bits dontchaknow!

Some additional spare parts from a second kit incase of need.

And also, the pilot figures already painted and in their assembled and painted seats.
All ready for installation when the time comes.

Rather spiffing I must say and saves me a job.
No complaints there I can assure you!

A few specific things have been asked for in the re-work parts dept.
The full corridor between the rear hatch and the aft hatch to the interior to be kept.
Also the bed and storage section wall part,
This one...

Is to be sorted with an open storage area with misc equipment in it.
The bunk also to be reworked with detailing and lighting.
On top of which, a third crew member catching some shut eye in said bunk.

So to the rest of the extras sent for use...
The Paragrafix photo-etch and decal upgrade set.

Contents being the rather necessary destruction sheet,
a superb photo-etch brass sheet,
A sheet of seriously crisp water slide decals
and a small sheet of printed artwork for backlighting the forward console screens.
All looks like this...

Nice eh?
Also in the mix, the Aztek Dummy vynil painting mask set.
And very nice it be too!

Finally, some thin metal parts that originated from I know not where but they are a gonna get used in the engine exhaust.

They will be staying put untill required.
The tape is mega sticky so a soak off rather than a peel to make sure I don't bend the wee buggers.
I'll be using all four and the how...we will get too when the time comes.

So then, lighting pretty much as before except this will be by a mains power converter.
The stand will be a custom job for which I have some nice 1/4" plexiglass earmarked for a trip round the band saw.
More on this and other silliness as we go along.
Untill the next update, you goodly lot go easy out there!

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