Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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Not so much a close encounter of the third kind...

More Like A Close Pic Taking Of The Dry Fit Kind.

Welcome back gang!
All going well with you lot I trust?

Right then, a bit of a in between update of sorts.
The deck plate, framework and wall panels just fitted into the bottom of the FS hull.
Front bulkhead slotted in.

Top part of the hull placed where it should be.
Time to get busy with the camera.

Ok, looking as it should.
Some slight adjustments required here and there but no dramas so winnin' and grinnin' thus far.
And now...

Lighting Testing Larking About
Oh yes.
So some of the light box routine required here.
Taking some thin white card, one side got the foil tape treatment.

This was measured up and marked.
The box is 40mm wide (a smidgen over 1 & 1/2")
70mm long (about 2 & 3/4") along the top.
75mm long (almost 3") along the bottom.
The folds will make it 5mm (1/4") deep with 5mm tabs to secure it.
Marked, cut, scored and folded.

Holes for three 3mm white 700mcd LED's punched through.
One top and one bottom of the center wall panel.
One on the bottom between the panel and the side box.
Some double sided tape for initial fixing on all the tabs.
And secured in position.

The three LED's all fitted with a 470 ohm 1/2 watt metal film resistors for 12 volts.
And duly slotted into place and a slip of white card to prevent shorting out on the foil.
All three wired up for this test.

So that done, time for the 'lights off' and 'lights on' bit.

Now my WiP camera does have the habit of wiping out the colour's of the decals and seeming brighter than it actually is.
All the colour's and the printing on the gauges are visible to the naked eye.
Well a pretty good test and the layout of LED's seems to work just nicely so time to expand on this.
A proper setup and the rest of the light boxing and wiring to do.
Not forgetting the flashing and blinking dept. to get a look in.
All for the next update so until then, you merry lot go easy.

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