Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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Little boxes and some LEDs

All Good Fun This Lighting Lark...

Welcome back one and all!
Well the light box test was considered okedoke so onward with the rest and throw some LED's, wire and resistors at 'em.
And not forgetting the 'stay put ya bugger' gunk of course.

And not forgetting, the lights off/lights on pics.

Aaaaaaaand another dry fit assembly, a couple of small terminal blocks, a battery and a camera.
This is what we got so far...

And a quick look see with the top on so to speak.

And a slight re-working of Kowalskys' arm and hand was requested.
Done and done.
As it was...

To this...

Now we starting to get somewhere at long last.
So next job is the reactor wall lighting thing.
That round of soldering silliness is on the next page so away with thee and i'll see ya there about's!

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