Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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And now...

Time For A Little Glue And Solder interlude.

Whatho people!
Rightyho then, light sheet fit ups first and foremost.
Simply put, a paper template made up, light sheet hacked up and a swift test fitting.
Of the fast becoming standard 'lights off' & 'lights on' routine.

All okedoke so far.
The light box for the reactor wall fitted with much stay put gunk and foil taped in.

Not going anywhere so all good at this stage.

Now before we get to the wall fitting in proper, just a slight diversion for a sec.
Now the decals for the instrument panels are lovely little bits of kit.
Thing with me though is that the coloured lights are not all that coloured.
Granted they have colour and all credit to the printers of these fine things but a little more wouldn't go amiss.
As one example, the radio panel.
Now as you can see from a pic from the last update...

Nice enough I think you'll agree but with just a small dab or several of Tamiya clear colour's, just a bit of smartening up like.

Yeah, bit better, this was expanded to the lights here and there an all panels.
Nothing major, just a bit of extra polish.
So then, walls glued in permanent like and all made light proof.

So that job sorted, in with the light sheet on some double sided mega sticky tape.
All foil taped in permanent.

All wiring cleared up, soldered and secured.
Just some fly leads left at the front for hooking to the front panel and front exterior lights.

Looks a mess but all secure and insulated nicely so onward.
Light sheet connected up to power, other lights likewise.
Sling the nearest thing to hand on top to block most of the outside light.
And hit the switch, grab camera and take some pics.
Like so...

Yep, that's the stuff!

Possibility for some ceiling lights to better show it off, have to yak with the man over that issue.
Well that's all for this update but couldn't resist grabbing the movie cam and having a quick look see.
Well I s' pose I could have resisted, just didn't want to.

If for some reason it is not showing and it wouldn't be the first time,
Then feel free to download by doing the right click and 'Save Target As...' thing on

So, more hellhole happenings real soon.
You lot take good care of yaselves and go easy out there.

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