Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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It's not a bungalow...

But I Have To Bung A Low Ceiling On.

Welcome back gang!
Right then, last of the large bits for the interior.
Some nice embossed plasticard of a ridged pattern got dragged out of the spare sheet material drawer.
A bit of measuring up and some scalpel action got me one.
Used as a template and a further five sorted.

So time to sort some lighting.
Nothing too bright really, sort of a mood lighting thing if you will.
Also breaks up a blank ceiling so good enough reason for me.
Each plate got measured out for a rectangular cut out.
Done in short order and the holes lined with some 1mm square strip..

So a quick fit look see then line the outer surface with foil tape and look again.

Getting there, getting there.
So that lot and and extra part to go over the bunk area given a seeing to with some grey auto plastic primer.
Which turned out to be about the shade of grey I was after.
Then the lot got some Promodeller dark dirt wash lobbed at 'em.
Once dry, a swift wipe down mit der spit dampened paper towel.
Lastly, the lot got a spit or several from the airbrush loaded with matt acrylic varnish.
All glued in and a look over.

Now for the lighting.
Had a quick shufti about the scrap clear sheet drawer and found summat to fit the bill.
No idea exactly what it is or from whence it came.
Damn hard stuff to cut but it looks the canines testicular as scale diffuser material.

So six bits hacked up and epoxy clear glued on.
Ok then, last bit.
Some scrap plastic sheet got sliced up and a sort of extension ring added to the top or the center ring on the framework.
This plays it part as the middle support on the covering sheet to make the whole top into a light box.
The edges has some scrap sheet sliced up in to 3mm strips attached.
Gaps left in each corner to accommodate the 3mm white leds.
A thin sheet of plasticard measured up and shaped with a hole in the middle.
The top got the foil tape slapped on a good 'un.
The outer edges all foil taped down and made light tight.
LED's selected, resistors soldered up, wired and installed.

So battery connected, floor lighting on and let's take a look.

Looks like about what I had in mind.
So a full on power up and piccie take.
Shot this with my slightly better camera so larger res format than usual.
Oh one thing, the coloured lighting may seem a bit bright and washed out.
That's just the auto exposure, this thing is none too fond of bright lights and sometimes seems to over expose.
Seems to prefer normal daylight as it sucks a bit at the indoor type of thing.
Anyway's, here they be!

And that's the lot for the big stuff on the interior.
Just got a wee bit of detailing to add to the ready built and painted pilot figures.
Get them lads in place and then we on to last bits of internal assembly and wiring up.
Then comes the fun part, getting this bad motor scooter together.
Oh yes, much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth in the near future so stay tuned folks and folkettes!.
See thee next update and go easy out there now.

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