Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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A lot of faffing about going,

Welcome To The Oversized Omnibus Edition,
Picture And Vid infested,
Giant Economy Sized,
Free From 'E' Numbers,
No Artificial intelligence,
No Real intelligence For That Matter,
Completely Unrehearsed,

Lord save us all...

Right then, after all the hoo-ha and soldering lark done time to assemble this bad motor scooter in temporary fashion for a full on lighting test.
With the able assistance of some masking tape just to make sure the top stays put.
Now one thing here, the pilot section appears to be soft lit in some pics and not others.
Reason for this is the soft lit bits are just ambient light coming through the unpainted hull.
When you can't see much light, that's when my less than delicate shovel like hand is over the top of the area.
On with the pics and a couple of vid's.
The first vid was shot with an old tape camcorder and converted to AVI format.
The second is purely a digital cam.

The videos are both 320 X 240 resolution.
Both vid's can be downloaded should you wish to, at the following links by doing the right click and 'Save Target As...' thing:
Vid 1, 9.27 MB file size

Vid 2, 18.71 MB file size

So then, how to tackle the pilot area lighting problem.
Well first things first, a bit of paintwork screw up sorting and the front console final clean up and lick o' paint and slight shade.
Then a slight rework of the ceiling lighting cover plate and the whole lot wedged into where it should all go.

So that done and a quick lighting check and wonder why the light sheet isn't working.
A few muttered anglo saxon oaths and the lot taken out again.
Start running the multi-meter over the wiring and inverter.
Power going to the inverter just fine, correct numbers showing on the meter.
Check wires from inverter to light sheet.
At one point I must have just touched the metal on the probe on the positive line with me digit and...
Well to paraphrase a certain Vulcan science officer 'it imparted to me a quaint, old fashioned, electric shock...of respectable voltage'
Well after the inevitable ouch and shaking of hand,
I logically concluded that the inverter was putting out power just bloody fine thank you ever so fracking much.

Turns out one wire at the light sheet had come away.
Both wires re-soldered and connection beefed up to make sure I don't have to do it again and put the bloody lot back...
And breath in, breath out.

So to the pilot area lighting.
Well a ceiling panel got made up, a single Tamiya smoke dampened white LED inserted.
Assembled and tested.

Well nice enough but a bit too bright and stark for the clients taste so a re-think.
The ceiling panel got a couple of lined cutouts and some diffuser material in the same style as the main cabin ceiling lights.
Throw in a LED or two, go stand in the back of the hellhole with the lights off and we got this...

And again a bit closer to the open door of said hellhole.

A bit more subtle and diffused lighting wise.
This was given the thumbs up from the man so all good.
Well as a last note on this update, the power thing.
I have a 12 volt, 1 and change Amp switched mode mains power converter for this bad motor scooter.
This is the 'travel' type in that it can take multiple input voltage.
Good thing too as here its 240 volt but in the land of the Americas, it's 110/115 generally speaking.
This thing can handle that change buy the plug is different too.
Not as problem with these wee beastie!

Just take the UK 3 pin off and replace with the two pin US type like so...

Keeps it neat and that configuration will be sent along with this model when built and based to the client.
So the yea came down from the man so time for a final interior de-dust and close this thing up for real...
That'll make a change.

That and much more next update so untill then, you merry lot go easy out there as always.

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