Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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Looks nice...Crisply moulded...Well detailed enough...

It'll Have To Go...

Whatho people!
Right then, let's be a getting stuck in.
First little task on the somewhat lengthy list, wall instrument panel replacement.
Now the client sent the Paragrafix PE and decal upgrade set so we go with the first bits.
The rather well laid out picture and waffle packed destruction sheet for the upgrade set
says to remove all the raised detail on said panels.
Here are the panels in question that will have the violence done unto them...

And here's the seriously crisp PE fret.

So first up after a goodly scrub and dry off, the radio panel on the back wall.
The PE part removed from the fret by way of a small scrap no-good-for-anything-else narrow chisel on a sheet of glass.
Just a good push down on the connecting parts holding the plate to the fret and the wee bugger is free.
Granted that there are all manner of small shears and such like to do the job but it's a way around it that works for me so more than good enough.

A swift trim up of the stubs around the plate with a small pair of titanium coated steel scissors and good to go.

The raised detail was removed from the panel by using one of my old-and-seldom-used-these-days-but-still-dangerously-sharp miniature flat chisels.

As near perfect a fit as dammit so onward!
The panel was just placed on the plastic part and marked out for cutting.
Reason for this being the light up parts.
I could have glued it on and drilled the holes out but...
This way removes the potential of damaging the PE and...
The plastic this beastie is moulded from is rather soft and any buildup of plastic around the hole
runs the risk of bunching up under the PE part and lifting it.
Rather avoid that nonsense so out with a pencil and some marking took place.

A quick run around under the mini-drill in the press stand, drill set to lowest possible revs and lumps removed.
A swift run round with scalpel blade to clean up and sorted.

The back of the PE part was given a quick spin over some 600 grit wet & dry.
Done to remove any contaminants and it gives the glue something to get a goodly grip of.
No bad thing methinks!
So cut outs done and some cyano brought into play.
Some careful glue application via a toothpick and the deed was a done deal.

A sparing application of glue to the edges of the rear cutouts ensured the plate is going nowhere.

And in short order, much the same deal with the larger panels.
Panel as is and after chisel action...

And the same sort of deal again with the drill/slice/apply the PE stuff.

Clean and sharp, me likey!

Last bits for this round of silliness, the reactor wall.
The PE panels are for the two box like bits on the bottom part.
After removing the raised detail, the box fronts were a bit rounded at the edges.
This would make the PE plates stand a bit too proud but a run over a hard sanding block sorted that.
The holed for the lights were marked and drilled out, then the PE applied.

So that's the first bits sorted and four of the panels in base work sorted.

Clean, Sharp and neat.
Or better than my first turnout so winnin' and grinnin' at this early stage.

And that's that for this first work page proper.
More to come ASAP so stay tuned folks.
You merry lot go easy now.

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