Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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Primer...check, Glue...check, Soldering iron...check...

Better Stop Checking And Actually Do Something Then.

Welcome back to the hellhole gang, thanks for dropping in.
Now then, onward with a few bits and pieces so first up 'fore anything else,
Some primer slapped on to the wall panels.
Like so...

Now that's looking damn sharp!
Way cleaner than the moulded detail ever was...
No offence Moebius, I know injection moulding has it's limits.

So then, on to the interior framework assembly.
A pretty straightforward affair of putting the bits together by dry fitting the uprights to the clear floor plate.
Or it should be straightforward except that the clear floor plate was a wee bit warped.
Not by much but more than enough to throw the assembly out.
Cue the 1/2" thick lump of scrap MDF and some clamps to temporarily flatten the blighter out.
Then the much revered glue of the MEK didst get a serious slapping on.

And it was a goodly thingy.
I'll give the floor plate a sound talking too with heat and clamping later but it will behave itself.
By fair means or foul if that's what it takes.

So outward and onward to the first of the lighting lark.
In this case, the engine cans.
So the LEDs were fished out of their respective bags.
3mm red and yellow, six of each and two 5mm diffuse reds.
In the thankfully pre-drilled holes they were set and secured with a small drop of cyano.

So them in place and a lump or several of epoxy fast cure putty plastered on to make sure they are going nowhere.
Now one thing the client did ask is that the corridor between the interior and rear hatch is kept 'as is'
In this case, room back there is at a tad of a premium.
With this in mind, the wiring has to be kept as tight as possible.
Now using the legs of the LED, I started with the negative legs of the 3mm yellow LEDs and folded them down.
This formed a triangle, then the same was done to the positive legs.
The same deal for the 3mm red LEDs, bent and soldered about 1/16" higher than the negative legs.
Joints just soldered and trimmed as I went along.

Now to solder the wire connections and keep it all tight, the ends were tinned and bent 90 degrees.
This meant no excess bare wire sticking up and causing a short.
Never a good idea methinks.

Finally the center 5mm LEd was wired up and a couple of short bits of sleeving on each leg to insulate them proper.

That messing about made good so the lot was given a swift run over with the continuity tester.
My peepers couldn't see bits o' wiring touching where they shouldn't be but a check does no harm.
No beeping other than what there should be from the tester so all good hereabouts!
Final jobs, a masking tape wrap and some urethane resin with grey pigment mixed and poured in to set everything solid.
A second wrap of aluminium foil tape to stop any light bleed and done.

So last bit for this update, a bit of terminal block wiring and a small box of resistor fitted 9 volts.
AKA the very necessary lighting test.

Just about what one was looking for so we winning and grinning at this point.
The electronic boards are assembled and a test of the flashing stuff to come.
Along with more hellhole happenings on the next update.
That's ya lot for now people so until next time, you merry lot go easy out there!

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