Moebius Models Flying Sub With Extras
1/32nd Scale

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The bits and bobs...

Just Doing The Details As Ya Do.

Welcome back all!
Just a wee update as a bit of detail finishing so to speak.
Well first and foremost, the deck plate doo-dad's.


The panel handles on the large instrument walls.
Simply removed from the Paragrafix PE fret, trimmed, installed with a drop of cyano here and there.
The decals were given their final acrylic matt varnish coating.
Then the handles touched in in silver.

Very nice, me like more than a bit.
Reactor wall matted down around the decals.


Fire extinguisher for the framework painted and mounted.
Simple paintwork of acrylic matt red, black and silver.
The red got a lick of acrylic clear gloss.
A smidgen of dark shading around the silver and sorted.

Transparencies for the screens on the forward console trimmed, fitted and epoxied in.


So last bit for this update, the radio panel.
Going by the screen cap ref, there's a hand mike wired in on the side of it.
Sounds like a good idea to add it so one of the thoughtfully provided ones from the PE fret removed and trimmed.
This was then glued in cyano fashion to some plasticard and trimmed up.

A small glue point in the form of a chip of styrene was added to the side of the panel.
Some soft mild steel fine wire was inserted in a cordless drill chuck along with some brass wire.
As the drill was slowly turned, the steel wire wound itself around the brass nicely.
The brass wire was simple slid out and the steel wire trimmed and bent up to form the mike wire.
Said wire was then glued to the mike.
A small hole was drilled next to the radio panel to take the other end of the curly wire.

The mike and wire given a lick of matt black.
Mike and wire installed.
The radio panel decal was then matted down proper.
The mike and wire given a brush coat of acrylic satin varnish to finish off.

And that's about it for the panels as such.
Well I say about it but next update...
it's the bunk bed brouhaha to get done.
i'll see you then people!
Take good care of yaselves and go easy.

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