Battlestar Galactica
From The Re-imagined TV Series
Upgrade Build Of Existing Model
1/1888th Scale

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Kinda Grey Thing Going On

And Lotsa Lumps Sticking Out Of it.

Welcome along troops and troopettes!
Right let's get a couple of things out the way first...

First up, I didn't build this model just so's ya know and second,
the scale is a guesstimate based on the length of the Gal stated
on the page and the length of the model.
The resulting scale read off was the result of size plus model size fed in to
a handy dandy scale calculator app and that's what it spat out at me.

And that's more than good enough for me.

That lot out the way, onward!
Now this somewhat impressive lass was placed in to my hands
for a up the detail/repaint kind of gig.

Here she is.

Nice eh?
Now I must speak honestly here and when I say 'nice' that's just what she is.
And no insult intended to the original maker, he or she did a good job.

But could be made a little bit better and that's
where yours truly comes in to the picture.

More than a couple of area are nicely detailed.

But as I said, room for improvement.

Now then, I can't turn this into an exact replica of the G herself.
Mainly because she's not quite there in overall shape and proportion.

To illustrate, the model and render pics below for comparison.
Oh by the way, my thanks to Mr Kuhn for allowing me
to use the pics from the Models Miniatures and Magic site
and all credit due to ZOIC for providing these images in the first place.
Kudos to him and them in spaded!

Picture sizing aside, the model I have seems overall a
little bit broader in the beam than she should be.

Yeah that's a terrible thing to say about a lady but there ya go.

Also she's a bit...taller top to bottom,
the side pods are a bit too short and engines a bit short too.
Also while I can't photograph it properly, the opening in
the sides where the pods retract in to is the wrong shape on the bottom.

It's supposed to follow the curve on the underside
of the pod but on the model. it's flat except for a slight curve up at the rear.

Never the less, it's about making this lass shine and I intend to do just that.
I'll be matching the model to the CG as much as possible.
In no particular order, task number somewhere on the list is
replacing all the large gun turrets.
Here we have the physical model and the CG.
The smaller ones may get some treatment too.

Also that crest on the physical model will have to go
and a decal sorted with the proper Colonial crest
with the red ring.

She'll have to have some nose work as well...poor girl.

The engines or more precisely the exhausts, will need a smidgen of a seeing to.

For some reason the side pods were glazed both ends
when it should be only the starboard pod.

A small detail but anyways, there are more areas that could
do with a spruce up and certainly more detailing
in between the ribs and additional surface plating.

Also a couple of areas that will require repair.

Now there is only just so far I can go without taking the model
to pieces and reworking it all,
that's WAY too much and without knowing what's under there
and how it goes together, i'd rather not try.

So in closing with the job at hand:
Seriously up the detail ante,
Fresh decals,
New display stand
and done.

The above stated reasons are why this lady will never
be accurate to the CG ship or perfect
but who want's perfect?

Can't speak for anyone else but a lady without a few quirks is of little interest to me I assure you.

That's the lot for now on this deal, more to come as soon as possible I promise.
You goodly gang go easy out there now.

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