Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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He has flames coming out of his head...

I've Had A Few Morning Afters Like That Meself.

Whatho people!
This one got handed to me by a friend resident in Canada.
Told me he was sorting out getting a resin figure kit
someone had sculpted and cast based on some artwork
some talented soul had done.
He sent me a pic the figure was being done from..
This pic...

He also sent me a pic of a dry fit assembled figure.
This one...

Anyone who knows me will tell you
monster and horror models just simply don't interest me.
Truthfully and i'll argue this with anyone,
the work some folks do in the sculpt/cast/paint field of
monster modeling is unbelievably good and bloody then some.
But it's just not the kinda thing that grabs me.

That said there's exceptions to every rule and this one is it.

For some reason I can't explain, it made me smile.

He told me what he wanted done and after
a bit of a head scratch I said OK.

A few days later a box arrived at my door from the folks who cast this fella.
Contained within...

The kit comprised two thumbs and a lower jaw.

Along with two skeletal hands sporting some fingerless leather gloves.

The somewhat required arms if one wishes
to ride ones fiery motor cycle.

Upper legs and lower torso,
helpful for keeping your head the right distance
away from your knees

Upper torso with leather jacket and
spiked shoulder pads which are very fashionable...
and best not try to tell him otherwise.

Head, lower jaw and jacket collar cast in clear resin.
And a test fit of course.

And finally the lower legs and booted feet.

Now let's be honest here,
anyone with a flaming skull, skeletal hands and boots THAT big is not to be screwed with.
Especially the boots.

So, a swift dry fit to take a look see.

And I like what I see!

So brief for this build as follows:
add base

and electronic lighting effects to emulate flames around the head
and a circle of flames around the base.

Which will be a giggle will it not?

The quality of the castings is excellent, a grand total of four air bubbles
and nothing that five mins with some Aves and clear epoxy can't sort out.
Seams are unobtrusive and a swift file down and
lick of wet and dry grit paper will kick those in to touch nay prob.

More on this and all the usual nonsense as we go along gang so see thee next update time.
You splendid folks go easy out there now.

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