Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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Clear polyurethane resin, several pounds of rubber, a dab of clear epoxy

And More LEDs Than Usually Considered Sane I Suspect

Howdo you merry mob!
Okedoke then, last time the flame ring was sculpted
and under 3lb of RTV rubber.

This came out rather well and the sculpey parts got removed
with only minor breakage.
Not a problem as they have now done their job.

Some ordinary fast cast was poured in to the moulds to make them
squeaky clean for the clear polyurethane resin to go in.

Pic below is the mould block and above that to the left
are the sculpey bits, the resin pulls to the right.
They came out of the mould clean and with no breakage
so winnin' and grinnin' hereabouts!

So in with the clear stuff.
Mix up the two parts,
a little bit of the vacuum degassing,
then leave alone for the requisite 6 hrs curing time.

Add another hour to be on the safe side,
then came the grunt and grit teeth thing to remove.

This happened without incident to the castings.
Still winning here then.

Clean as a whistle and not a single trapped air bubble in sight.

Go me!

The usual test placement and look see of course...


So to the LED dept.
Went for a strip of warm white high brightness beastie's
for the main light deal under the clear parts.

This got cut at the appropriate markings in to
small strips of three LEDs.

The next ones are some 5mm and 3mm white LEDs for the flashy & blinky stuff.

The LED strips have a self adhesive strip on the back which is very handy,
So they got placed and wired up.

Then one didst hook up the small block of 9 volts for a look see.

Nice and bright so all good there.

Right about this point, the clear flamey bits got placed on
the base and again with the 9 volt gig for another look see.
As one does on more than one occasion.

Bright and flamey!

Time for a slightly more full on dress rehearsal.
Some loose ground scatter stuff lobbed on for looks.

And we saw it was a goodly thingy so onward!

Ok then, the flashy/blinky LED gear inserted where it should be.
The half ton of spaghetti wiring underneath soldered up,
lighting circuits likewise,
all tested and stable.

The flame ring was then given an airbrush coat or three of
Tamiya clear yellow,
from the bottom to about half way up with clear orange
and the bottom line gone over with clear red.

The lot finally fixed with some matt acrylic varnish.

The whole deal then fed in to a socket on the rear of the base
as this is now going to be powered by a mains converter.

Fire up mains converter, shove in plug and...

Me rather likey!

A vid on youtube is posted below.
This, like the lit up pics were shot in the Hellhole but it appears as though done in the dark with the Hellhole lights off,
this is not so, the brightness of the lighting just overrode the
exposure on the camera.
Sadly it can't be adjusted on the one I used so there you have it.

Well it's all good so far with the fella who's eventually going to
have this sitting on his shelf.

Brother Spike (for it is he) approves so we are certainly winning and grinning at this stage people!

More to come with a slight amendment to the head flames for starters.
Spike is somewhat bothered by the horizontal join line in the casting
and I have to agree on that score.

The arrowed part in this here pic...

Now I can guess why the people who cast this did it this way
for simple ease of casting the thing out,
without the mega troublesome trapped air nightmare i'm sure it would have proved to be,
so no bad vibes in their direction from this locale.

To cure this, the head has been removed, stripped and is under rubber at this time.
A couple of fresh casts will be made in ordinary resin.

This will then be separated down so we'll end up with a complete flame part
with no join line which will then be recast in clear
and the skull parts in ordinary resin.
This will be painted and assembled so it will be back as it should be and the light stopping joint will be history.

So more ridiculousness to come next update so join me then why dontcha.
Take care and go easy out there gang!

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