Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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Holey Ghost Rider...

Literally in This Case!

Welcome back gang!
Time for a bit of lighting prep with this fella.

Now the plan is for the head flames and
a ring of fire round the base.
The base is something we'll get to later but for now,
time to get the figure sorted.

All parts had the seam lines removed and a light sanding where required.
The part of the jacket belt that had broken off
during transit was glued back and faired in.
The thumbs glued to the hands and joints tidied up.

So that sorted, on to the drilling lark.
Now this would require mucho drilling out of the
following parts at the approximate points denoted by the red arrows
for the wire runs to light up the head flames.

And a wide hole through the upper body part bottom to top.

Time to dust off the cordless drill...

And fit it with an appropriate bit.
Like this...

Yeah, that'll do it.
So through both legs just in front of the
mounting pin holes without going through the side.

Well that's easy bit done.
On to the run through the body parts.
The longest runs of all, through both knees up to
about an inch and a bit below the join stub
for the upper body and jacket part.
Again, without going through the sides.

Lady luck with me there so no questions asked and onward!

Upper body and jacket drilled and top part where
the neck will join opened up to leave adequate room
for the LED installation.

The mounting stub on the underside of the clear neck section got trimmed back.
The less clear part in the way, the better the light spread.

Now then, plan here is to use three lighting circuits in all.
The first and most simple,
just constant on LEDs.

The second and third are, in order:
A white noise generator but for LEDs instead of an amp and speaker,
Makes for a semi random flickering appearance.
Lastly a decade counter chaser light.

Both circuit modules built and tested, they look like this by the way.

Idea for the head is to lace the neck bit out with three constant on LEDs,
Three from the flicker circuit and two from the chaser.
A mixture of yellow and red high brightness LEDs will do the trick there.

It will be roughly the same for the ring of fire in the base but with way more LEDs.

So just a test with two yellow LEDs.
These are not the usual bright yellow but a
more yellow/orange tint which
will suit the purpose methinks.

Not the light spread is not even on the following
pics because the top head flame part is not glued on as yet.
Once that is done with clear epoxy then the light transfer should be way better.

Anyways, here we be.

OK then, that bit sort of done and demonstrated,
next it will be time to start getting the fella
together, puttied, sanded, wired up and ready for the paint hoo-ha.
Which will be yet another long winded laugh riot i'm sure.

That's for the next update so see you lot then!
Take care and go easy out there folks.

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