Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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Keep calm..

And Flame On!

Whatho people!
Okedoke then, after all the faffing about, time for some paint.
Face...such as it is and hands first.
A smidgen of cleaning up on the matt black coat
then in with the colour's.
Base bone colour was just Vallejo matt white with about 1% desert yellow.

About three coats in all then in with some of the same bone colour
with a bit more desert yellow for shading then an
enamel wash leather colour for the deep lines.
His gnashers picked out in Vallejo ivory first off.

Okedoke so far.
The gloves were just Vallejo matt black and once dry
In with a drybrush of matt black with just a
touch of medium blue.
Fingernails in ivory

Time to spruce up the head flames.
On with the latex masking fluid.

Time to fire up the airbrush and load up with, in order:
Tamiya clear red,
then clear orange
and finally, clear yellow.
Strip masking and clean up anything that needs it.
A little more shading to the skull

Onward with the paint pandemonium to the rest of the figure!

For the shirt, going with a blue gray as the base colour.
Usual work up,
couple of coats of the base, the dark dirt wash and dry brush up with lighter shades twice.

The rest of it, well basic black is this fellas thing it seems so okedoke.
Two coats of Vallejo matt black then in with some
enamel drybrush medium blue thing.
Once sorted then a final going over with some very light grey applied
In a very dry brush fashion for a bit of highlighting.
This gave all the main clothing a slight satin leather like sheen which
is about what one was after.
The insides of the cuffs and jacket were left alone in the matt black
to try and give a bit of colour breakup in the finish.

The boots were just left in matt black with just a touch of light grey drybrushing.

The belt and requisite metal work around the jacket.
Vallejo matt red for the inset of the belt buckle
which once dry was coated with Tamiya clear red.
The 'GR' picked out in Vallejo rich gold.
The rest of the metalwork in Vallejo silver.

The shoulder spikes were removed and they will get replaced
with turned metal spikes of a slightly larger variety.
I'll also put some small spike studs on the gloves.
I have a billet of free cutting aluminium which is earmarked for that job
and the lathe is on standby.

And as a last bit, larger res pic of the man himself.
Pardon the lump of MDF he's fixed to,
just makes easier handling for yours truly.

And that almost complete's the figure build and paintwork but a bit more to be done pending
some details from the fella for whom this figure will be taking up some shelf space.
For now, it's base work time!
Oh yes!!
More on that next update so see thee then
and you goodly gang go easy out there now.

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