Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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Take the finest raw materials, shape them with care, assemble them with love...

Then Beat The Living Crap Outta Them!

Welcome back all!
Right then, been a while but back on the GR trail now.
So to the bike wreckage parts.

First up is the front wheel, forks and handlebars.
Last time as you may or may not recall,
much chain soldering didst happen about the Hellhole
The top of the forks...this bit....

Got made up out of Super Sculpey, baked and a goodly
laying on of primer get's us this.

All good to start with so under rubber that went and resin came in to play.

Two lengths of brass rod bent to handlebar shape,
then bent out of shape, fitted, then coated with
Aves Apoxie Sculpt and fiddled about with.

Just the hand grips to apply and that will be done as a last bit 'fore paintwork.

Two trenches dug in the underside of the top bit
to accommodate the chain forks.

That left for a bit so one can get the front wheel together.
Cast parts brought out along with the center styrene bit.

Cleaned up and assembled, sanded and a quick primer check spray like thing.

Some detailing parts made up from styrene sheet,
duly applied then primered up.

Holes drilled in the fork front ends and a test fit of course.

Forks attached with the epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk
and then mucho Apoxie Sculpt did get slapped on.
Test fit and a look see.

Yep, me likey.

To the exhausting exhausts now.
Two lumps of brass tube, 1/4" diameter and one just under
got sliced to some form of equal length
and the annealed.

That is to say got a blow torch tuned on them untill glowing red
then left to cool so the brass is a bit softer
and easier to hammer, grind, drill and shape.

Which oddly enough, is exactly what happened to 'em!

Then soldered together.

Some additional Apoxie Sculpt for a bit of shaping and detailing,
then in with the acid etch primer.

Best stuff to use on metals to make sure the primer sticks and so
will the top paint coats yet to come.

Onward to the fuel tank.
Supposed to look a bit like this...

Out with the Super Sculpey!
Shaped up, tidied up, baked off and Apoxie Sculpt
skeletal hands applied.

In mit der Tamiya fine surface primer.

This got parked under some rubber and castings made for the dent up routine.

Details of which plus the final assembly bits along the
paintwork hoo-ha you'll find on the next page.
Away with you ya wee rascals and i'll see ya there!

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