Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
'Animated Style'

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Sometimes you hit a brick wall...

Well i'll Not Be Hitting One
Just Building One.

Welcome back all!
Yea verily we be back on this one and
sticking to it untill finished as the fella who will own this when
I'm done sodding about with it has been waiting
for no small length of time so gotta get it sorted.


So first up, a bit o' base work building like things.
Client requested a round base so duly noted and away with the
1/2" thick MDF sheet, a bit of pencil scratching and a jigsaw.
Two 12" circles duly sliced out with some teeth gritting added in.

So all well and good, then came some drill, saw and screaming router violence.
And 'twas a tad dusty in the Hellhole.

The square hole is for yours truly to get his mitts into
when it comes time for the electronic hookup and wire
shoving about dept. to get going.
The round trench in what is the top plate is to seat the LEDs
for lighting the yet to be fully finished
and clear resin cast flame circle.

The some short lengths of MDF, cut to 1" wide got
glued around the edge of the bottom plate.

Once settled overnight, then the top plate got slapped on with much glue and sash cramps.

After leaving alone for a full 24hrs to fully cure,
then came more than a bit of fun with a surform and orbital sander
and lo, we did have a round base at last.

And again, 'twas much dust flying about the gaff.

So sorted on that for now but much still to be done.
So turning to the next task...
Client wanted a brick wall section to be part of the display deal.

Well had a goodly load of the brain thinking in the head thing and
decided that the only way around it is to build one but in none too
straight and keep it a sort of weird/cartoony kinda deal.

So bigger than average bricks required.
Only one thing for it, make them then!
And so, six lumps of timber got sliced up to make said bricks.

I left the faces rough so plenty of texture there to make them look the part.
Also they will not be painted, the intentional gaps will be filled,
then after a scrub and coating of acrylic matt varnish,
weathering wash will take care of any shading that needs to be done.

A mild amount of roughing up to round off the edges slightly
and under rubber they went.

Then some resin got a good looking at,
as did some pigment and filler powder.
The bricks were cast out with differing pigments in the resin.
Grey's and browns mainly just to make then different.

The bricks then got drilled out in a rough jig for pins to sort of lock them together when it came time for assembly.

A few were selected to make up the
broken ends of some of the brickwork courses.
This was accomplished in easy, slightly noisy and a bit dangerous fashion.

Namely, the said bricks were placed carefully on the bench,
an appropriate split line was studiously worked out,
then said line was given a precise whack with a big chisel and slightly bigger hammer.

Also being able to follow the trajectory of two slightly
high velocity pieces of resin going in opposite directions
is a really useful skill I suddenly acquired.

So job done, time to reach for the epoxy 5 mins curing stay put ya bugger stuff!
And start slapping and stacking.

Rough, uneven so about right for something you would find on
the highway to hell where is where our flame headed fella is going to be.

Besides, any decent bricklayer is not going to end up working in
Mephisto's neighborhood methinks so there ya have it.

And that left to cure off untill I start packing the gaps out with fake mortar.

So time to do a bit more silly stuff and the base for what will be the flame circle.
Super sculpy and a paper template.
A ring roughly made up but the base is just slightly wider
than the LED trench so it will rest on top evenly.
This was then sliced up in to three to better work and build on.

These were baked slowly and then left aside untill I get to the flame bit.

So then, last deal for this update, a dress rehearsal as such.

Base dusted down, flame headed one placed in approximate position and so was the other bits.

Client has also requested a chain loose laid around the figure
as I believe GR uses one for...whatever he does with it.
One will be got hold of for that purpose and
sorted in due course.

And that fans, is the story so far.
Next up, well quite a bit actually...

He's gotta have 'OZZY' tattooed on the fingers of his left hand...
It's a metal thing ya know.
Onward from there, an MP3 player, or in his case, an MP666 player in hand.
A billet of metal on the end of the chain with a pithy comment written on it.
Advertisement posters and graffiti on the wall,
A bent up sign post with 'Highway To Hell' emblazoned upon it,
a rock music magazine on the deck...
It's all part of the back story which i'll tell ya about later.

Onward from that, it's sculpting the flame circle and casting it,
wiring the base out for lights and power, base work details and final finishing.

If all goes well then it's off to Canada he goes to the fella who will put him on a display shelf.

At least that's the plan so see you for the next installment of hellhole hoo-ha.
Go easy out there now you merry mob!

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