Ghost Rider Resin Figure WIP log
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It's about getting that ring of fire...

And Nothing To Do With The Aftereffect From That
'All You Can Eat' Taco Place You Visited Last Night

Welcome back all!
Right then, to brickwork business.

Last time we had the wall built so now
to fill in the gaps between them thar bricks!.
This was achieved with the following mix up/slap on/wipe off routine

First some ordinary water based household interior decorators filler,
then add a fair amount of Fillite,
a lightweight filler powder for resins,
then shove in some acrylic black and brown,
mix up and there's your faux brick mortar.

So, with no delicacy what so ever,
slap the stuff on mit der plastic scraper.

Once applied, just take a slightly damp rag and wipe off the excess.

So both sides done and not forgetting additional to be added to the
brick ends so it looks like bricks have been knocked out
and the mortar left behind.

And the dress rehearsal Pt 2 with all the main bits plus some bits o' brick laying about.
Also in accordance with client wishes,
the handlebars, or one of the grips was removed and will be laying on the deck.

The joint between the removed handlebar grip and the
handlebar proper will get sorted to look a bit more like
proper damage has occurred.

So then, the client has requested a more red brick appearance to the wall so out
with some rust weathering wash which got slapped liberally over,
this was then followed up with a slight wipe down,
a coat of matt acrylic varnish and another going over with some
dark dirt wash followed by the wipe down/varnish routine.

The result...

And likewise faffing abut with the brick bits
that shall get liberally lobbed at the base.

So that lot sorted...
Now we get to sculpt the flame ring.

Pulling my packs of dear ole Super sculpey out and using up about 3/4 of a pound of that,
getting a grip of the pre baked ring base i'd
made up earlier and shoving it on the circular base,
a bit of pushing, shoving, carving and gritted teeth gets us this thingy...

Gaps left in the ring of fire for the bits of bike wreckage to poke through as requested.

Now as me and the client both came to the same conclusion,
namely that this looked more like a badly manufactured paper crown
you get from an incredibly cheap christmas cracker,
More of the flamey stuff required.

Another half pound of sculpey later on the outside of the ring and...

The inside done out likewise and...

Lastly, just a bit of flame top bending about as it were.

Ring parted up at the points where the wreckage will stick through,
baked off proper then primer paint applied for a last look see.

Roughly assembled ring in position.

So as I type this in a relatively furious fashion,
flame ring parts are sitting under about 3lb of rubber all curing off nicely.

Once that's had adequate time to settle,
It's clear resin casting time!

Then the fun really starts.

The light sheet for the lava lighting under the base
has been tested out and found okedoke.
Then comes the basing proper so all the lighting, circuits and power can be built in.

The top of the base where his flame headedness will stand
will be a tarmac like affair with the split in it to show the lava,
It will be about 1/8" thick so giving it some depth.
On that the bike and brick wreckage will be placed about.
The switches will be hidden behind the wall under a removable cover.

Once all that's settled, the final dressing will be added to the wall
and base, GR himself will get his final details added,
then comes the base finishing and so will we be!

And there will be some rejoicing somewhere i'm fairly certain.

More next update as always gang,
You goodly mob go easy out there now.

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