Deagostini/Altaya Le Mans Ford GT40
1/8th Scale

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In the beginning,

There Were Carburettors...

First basic job, building the carburetor setup.
The body pan/throttle assembly was sorted in short order.
Some Tamiya panel line accent wash, some silver drybrush and a bit of pastel chalk weathering.

That done, on to the carb's themselves.
Already painted but a bit of black wash and a drybrush in white gold didn't go amiss.

Tops brought out and the lot assembled.

Fuel hose found and ready painted after a fashion, the outward faces of the connectors was done but not the hose flats.

A lick of silver will sort so onward.
Fuel hose fitted, carb block give the wash treatment.

Assembled and with the carb cover plate in place.

Its accurate to have it but not liking that cover.
That will get sorted down the line.

First wheel done.
Now going for a done the warm up laps look so some matt varnish and pastel chalk got a look in.

Disc brake sorted, comes as just silver but for looks wise, some dark dirt wash and silver drybrush happened.

Disc on the steering assembly and caliper given the wash treatment.

First door sorted.
Straight assembly with some drybrushed german grey where needed.

Headlight covers needed a looking at.
Nice enough but the paint could have been a little better in the light proofing dept.

A lick or several of flat black got that taken care of.

Headlights assembled and installed.

1/1 scale modelers hand for size reference.

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