Deagostini/Altaya Le Mans Ford GT40
1/8th Scale

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A bit of work required...

Dashing In To The Dash.

OK then, the supplied dash is ok but better can be done.
Here's a rough look see.

Superbly unimpressed with the switches for one thing.
A bit of an online picture hunt found me this one of a GT40 being restored.

More than good enough so a couple of meshes got run up, some print and paint pandemonium later got this lot.

Dashboard re-faced, new instrument housings printed, primer,
base black paint with drybrushed grey, silver for the bezels and some DIY decals for the dymo labeling

Instrument backings printed, decal facia's, some clear styrene and installed.

Switches installed, comparison look see between stock and mine, top fairing on.

Gear shifter altered slightly.
Wasn't fond of the '8' ball like top so swapped it for a wood one which seemed a bit more in keeping with mid to late 60's GT40's

Shifter in place, pedal set that also is linked to the electronic switches for light/sound,
seats now fixed, battery in place,
steering wheel with column and pinion gear in place.
Dash fitted and roll bar likewise.

Chassis plate assembled, 7 bits of die cast metal in all screwed together.

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