Deagostini/Altaya Le Mans Ford GT40
1/8th Scale

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More little details noticed...

So More Little Changes Required.

Exhaust stacks.

Now going by the reference, the rear pipes are held by clips.
Spring or strap, it varies but I liked the spring ones as seen in this pic of the real deal.

Original part fiddled about with.

Pipes all repainted.
Tamiya rattlecan silver, Alclad pale burnt metal, burnt iron and exhaust airbrushed on to simulate heat staining.

Patched a couple of screw holes in the block.
Then assembled the exhaust coil of snakes and I for one is very happy with how they look.

A dabbed ring of Tamiya metallic grey to simulate seam welds got applied where needed.

Distributor and spark plug leads in place.
Bit of a futile effort as this goes up against the internal wall
but the pics are here so now all will know they are there and that's good enough.
Looks neat with my printed cable clips as well so all good.

Sway bar set given the repaint/wash treatment and in place.

Engine installed.

Last bit of add on detailing.
Exhaust pipe nut and bolt connectors.
A mesh whipped up, print, paint and place.

Engine sorted as much as possible at this stage with rear radiator and piping installed.

Next page then so off ya go.

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