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Halcyon Aliens M-577 Armoured Personnel Carrier
1/35th Scale

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Another Halcyon Aliens kit...

In Space...No One Can Hear You Scream...


In The Hellhole...
They Can Hear Me Bloody Scream In Albuquerque.

At least that distance anyway.

Welcome back to the hellhole gang!

Right then, got handed this thingy by the same fella I did the Sulaco for.
Obviously he likes to see people suffer
but everyone's gotta have a hobby I s'pose.

To the nub of the matter then, the kit parts such as they is.

The allegedly clear parts.
Though that's stretching the description to breaking point.

Candidates for replacement there.

Some loose parts.

And the decal sheet.

Now it's certainly not the greatest of kits to work with.
At least this pile o' bits is clean and
as near flash free as dammit.

The moulding is pretty crisp all things considered.

So what's the brief here then?

Well a build and paint in usual style.
Backed up with a full interior, lighting and based up in a semi-diorama/scenic like thing.
Right about now it's looking like the inside of the entry lock on the
Atmo processing plant on LV 426 as the dio base for this puppy.

Should be good for a laugh then.

Now I suspect quite strongly that the exterior will get a bit of a makeover where required.
Which currently is almost everywhere but we'll get to that as we go along.

I know there are replacement resin wheels available with a corrected tread pattern and these
have already been ordered and should be en route to yours truly's
grubby mitts even as we speak.

Now this one came to me pretty much the same as the Sulaco.
That is to say no box or instructions but no big deal.
The box would have been about as much use as
back pockets in me socks and I think I can get by with out the
'this goes here/that goes there' paperwork.

The last one didn't present too much trouble there so nay prob.

And that about wraps up this opener.
Much zen modeling...that's thinking about be done.
As soon as the resin wheels arrive and a few details sorted then we'll get in to it.

Untill next time,
You goodly mob go easy out there now.

As of September 2013 the client and I have agreed has had to cancel this project and the kit is being returned.
This is due to his entire Alien collection being sold off so this is surplus to requirements.
I shall be leaving this page here for information purposes.

Page 1...and then some

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BTWIP.jpg - 5430 Bytes