Airfix Hawker Harrier GR-1A
1/24th Scale

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And a few more little jobs to do...

Just Can't Stop Giving Meself Work Can I

Ah there ya be, okedoke then.

Now the auxiliary intake doors were a matter to solve.
I thought about just scribing them in.
Like so...

But nope..
Was having a head scratch about how to display this bad motor scooter.
And an 'in the hover' idea came to mind so the intakes had to be opened up.

Oh lordy...
Much slicing and laying on of styrene sheet, slicing and glue later yielded this.

Some filling and shaping to be done and probably far from technically correct but good enough for this turnout.

Airbrake happenings a plenty now.
Decided to put some stuff on to this part.
Not only did it need it, it also seemed like a good idea.
The inner brake bay liner had a slot cut in with a rectangle box recess built in.
And the airbrake proper got a small pin pivot scratch built and installed.

The liner got a likewise pivot made up and two small lengths of aluminium tube cut and trimmed for the ram.

The cockpit, front/rear gear bays and airbrake inner liner glued into position and when cured,
Airbrake was dry fitted and tested out

More than acceptable so outward and onward.
And that lot you'll find on the next page...
Now there's a shock for ya.

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