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Millennium Falcon Conversion
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Well the box is big enough...

What's Inside It, Likewise It Would Appear!

Greetings and felicitations friends and friendettes!
Right then, saw word of this beastie floating about the net and
decided to take a closer look see as one does.
What one saw was not a bad looking item so after a brief search and finding out that Argos,
a UK retail chain for those who don't know,
had them in stock and for half the normal retail.

So a quick stroll and thirty quid expended, I came wandering home with a rather large box.

About this large...

Very colourful with plenty of blurb as toy boxing is.

So to the gist of what's in there.
Well the paperwork or what there is on it first.

Two sheets of peel and stick things and the somewhat required paperwork
on where they are supposed to go.

The whole deal consists of three physical parts and no,
I didn't wait to take photos before putting the dish and top guns where they should be...
Which should come as no surprise to anyone.

Anyhow, the 28" long or approx 711mm long beast was revealed.

OK, i'm slightly impressed here.

Now this toy, though that description is slightly misleading to my mind,
is a polypropylene moulded monster that with the addition the peel of and stick sticker thingies
for the side walls and various coloured panels here and there is a ready to park and display thing
for those that want it as such.

Kinda puts me in mind of those ready done die-cast model articles that's almost in the 'unwrap and place on favourite shelf' variety.

And that is most certainly not what is going to happen here.
You're shocked...I can tell that even from this distance...

So then to my slightly unhinged side of things.
Well the detail is none to bad I have to say.

Of course the nature of the beast being what it is,
the landing gear is moulded in one with the rest of the underside parts.

Which will eventually be removed and gear doors placed over the holes.
I'll be going gear up with this one.

And because it what it is the lower gun turret and as such is mostly hidden from view,
that is a one piece affair.

But all things considered, it's a pretty good bit of kit for the money and I have no complaints.
Proportion wise it looks pretty damn close to my peepers though I think the cockpit cone is just a whisker too short.
Assuming one is bothered by that kind of thing.
Which I am not really but then i'm easily pleased that way.

So the front side walls have some rather crisp detail.

But the rest of the sides going to the nose are flat because that's where the stickers go.
This will get sorted as will the nose, the inner sides of the mandibles,
what I think is suppose to be the cargo loading door and the hollow jaw boxes.

So to some form of testing.
Well one question is to get paint sticking to polypropylene.
Now never the best two things to try and make work but lets have a go.
First off, some stick to anything or at least most things primer.

Acid etch primer might have a chance.

Underside of mandibles for a test then.
The upper one in the picture given a quick scrub with alcohol and the lower one not.
A quick coat of primer and left to dry.

Blue painters masking tape applied.

And removed.
Not that great a result.

So the lot scrubbed off with lacquer thinners,
which oddly enough did not seem to make the slightest impact on the polypropylene.
Try again with primer, let cure, tape and rip time.

Way less paint pulled of so a fair bit of scrubbing required
before we get to the paint pandemonium.
Which will be attended to in due course.

A quick glue test with styrene in order next up.
One of the side walls cleaned with lacquer thinners,
then half left as is and the front half gone over with some 400 grit wet and dry, used dry.
Six pieces of styrene attached with MEK, Revell Contacta and cyano/super glue.

All pieces left alone to settle and then the fingernail lift of test.
The ones on the un sanded surface came away quite easily.
The ones on the sanded surface put up a bit more of a fight but not much.

Now there are some different cyano's to try but 'fore all that,
I have some JB Plastic Weld epoxy on the way which is supposed to do the number with polypropylene
but that probably won't get here untill after christmas so we'll see then.

During the meantime, some detail parts required.

Fired up Rhino and built a few bits for the right hand forward side wall and
after some faffing about, points moved and polygons punched, I had this little lot...

The bulk of the detailing on the plates and those to come is being based
off the five foot Falcon model because why the hell not.
Also I have WAY more decent pics of that one than I do the 32" model so there ya have it.

So then, on to the printer with the layer thickness set to 60 microns,which is about the smallest layer it can reasonably handle,
being a home use extruder printer and nothing fancy.
The nose front parts got the go around first and the slicing program didn't pick absolutely all the detail up
but sometimes you just have to take what one can get.

They ended up at about 13/16ths X 12/16ths of an inch.
Or about 21 X 19mm if you prefer.

Cut from the support blocks, back sanded and given a lick o' primer.

Not perfect but acceptable for a first try for yours truly and I think they will look the part
once I fiddle with the settings a bit more to see what can be done to make it a bit sharper.

Side wall parts got the next turn with the same part/sand/primer deal.
The rear part of the side wall first.
Measures about 2 & 3/4" X 3/4" Or some 66 X 20mm for the metric types amongst you.

And the front end of the side wall part.

And with the assistance of some double sided tape, slapped on for a look see.

And methinks I like what I am seeing.

Plan for this is to give it the build/light up/paint number,
gun turret interiors with a cockpit plus figures and that's about it.

All sounds so simple when you say it quickly...

Well it's some form of start and more than good enough to get an idea of what I may (or not) end
up with and something to tinker with over Christmas.

Speaking of which and regardless of whether you celebrate it or not,
I wish you all a good, safe and happy time no matter what you do over the season.

Take care all and go easy out there untill the Hellhole happenings get going once again!

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