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Hasbro Hero Series
Millennium Falcon Conversion
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More goings on going on...

Of The Print And Glue Variety.

Round 2 of this slightly round beastie!
Welcome back all and off we do jolly well go.

Some more printing off was a done thingy and the primer got laid on a good 'un.

Now then, the parts had to be glued on and after a good saunter round the net
I found the most recommended thing for doing so where polypropylene is concerned was this stuff.

Two part epoxy stay put gunk, sets in 5 min's and done completely in one hour
going by what the waffle on the packaging did say.

Areas to get stuff attached duly given a going over with some 80 grit emery paper,
lacquer thinners cleaned and several holes drilled to allow excess
glue to come through and really lock in to things.
Which is no bad thing.

Both mandible outer side wall parts attached, clamped up and left the hell alone to cure for the appropriate time.
The instructions on the mega sticky stuff do say that the times given
assume temperatures greater than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Some what above that in the hellhole so we shall see.

Timer bleeped one hour and five min's up at me so away we go.
Clamps removed and all seemed okedoke in the herb garden.
Glue run through did indeed happen.

So a bit of overspill cleaning up and then the pick with fingernail and waggle parts test happened.

And nothing fell off so well pleased was yours truly!
Slapped the top and bottom back together loosely for a look see.

None too shabby indeedly methinks and it will do for my purposes seeing as it's only for
yours truly's enjoyment or something akin to that anyway's.

Then came much polygon punching and printing of things.
The rest of the outer side walls done as well as the inner side walls for the mandibles.

Not absolutely fantastic but they will do the job here.

So much primer and glue goofing about and the rest of the parts attached.
Once sorted, the top and bottom parts slammed back together and piccie taking time was upon us.

Oh the inside mandible walls are just slotted in, i'll leave those off untill after I put the thing back together proper
and 'fore we get to the paintwork pandemonium.

Overall, not entirely dissatisfied with things so far.
Still much to do but that's all for this update and the last bit for 2014.
I wish all of you a happy new year for 2015 gang!

You merry mob get out there and make merry and as always, go easy folks.

Page 1...againPage 2, More bits as it were.

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