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Hasbro Hero Series X-Wing Fighter Rework
No Idea What Scale

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Well it's big and shaped like an X-Wing

Could Stand Some Improvement though.

Welcome one and all to another round of jam packed palaver!
Well I would think most have seen my musings and mucking about with the Hasbro big assed Falcon
Time to have a crack at it's least it's that in the toy range wise...

Anyway's, saw one going for 15 quid on Amazon so why the hell not.
Also my best mate had got one and I was on the fence untill seeing his X-Wing in person.
'SOLD' is an appropriate term.

Here's large thingy in question...

Some 29 & 1/2" long all told so no tiddler.
Or 'my kind of model size' to put it another way.
Did a swift fit together and yes,
i'd already tried to peel off some of the stickers.
But that's for later.

Like the Falcon, the detail is not too bad if a bit flat and maybe not on the nail in places.

Being it's a toy so to speak, some things are deffo not up to scratch but that's to be expected.

And this is just meant to sit with the wings closed as there's just one set and they are lacking in bulk as it were.

So what's the plan here?
Well, take it apart and start replacing the bits that need doing for a start.

And a start has been made.
The rear most engine parts are the first up on the chopping block
and used measurements taken from a studio scale X-Wing to do it.

By the way, for a size thing, every measurement has to be multiplied by 1.38.
That will put you firmly in the ballpark for size requirements.

Anyway's, the new rear engine parts in Rhino.

Now that cone between the can and the engine parts itself is for the lighting
and has already been set up to take a 10mm LED when we get to that part.

So a quick and slightly rough test print for the engine can done and given a sanding down
to get shot of the rough print lines on the turkey feather bits
so I could get a better idea of how it might look when done properly.

I was not disappointed.

I kind of like the rough surface inside so if that comes out on the proper print a bit, i'll just leave it.

So much and then some still to be done, The rest of the engines,
wings, guns and a cockpit of course are the main ones but we'll get to that lot eventually.
That's ya lot for now so go easy out there all untill next time!

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