SHADO Moon base interceptor
From Gerry Andersons' UFO TV Series
1/24thishkinda Scale

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Supposed to be sorta white...

With A Big Boom Thing On The Front!

And off again!
Only into the hellhole,
not over the hills and far away even though I could do with a vacation.

Well for this turnout, we have a large resin kit of the above mentioned SHADO Moon base interceptor craft.

Let's See What's in The Box
A bundle of resin and metal parts is what's in it
and they look like this...

And a slightly closer look at the bits in turn.
The parts of the fuselage, front and rear hollow cast to be exact.

Okish on quality level but not without the
air bubble/surface pockmark/general defect problems.
But nothing that can't be dealt with as always.

So moving on, we got the mahoosive missile this thing carries on the nose
and the thing it goes in that fixes to the nose if the deal.

Again, far from perfect castings but something I can work with.

The side winglets that the side gear attaches to.

A pilot and seat after a fashion.

A smattering of exterior engine detail parts.

Parts for the landing gear.
Not without there own problems but that's how it goes.

The small curved plate, top right second pic,
is a fairing plate for the top of the main engine thing.
The resin cast legs are not too clever,
i'll either run them through the lathe to clean 'em
up or turn up fresh ones from brass or aluminium,
pretty much the same amount of effort either way so no big deal.

And the vac form canopy...

I think you can see the surface quality of the plastic by the light reflection.
That's up for replacement for certain!

Very basic instructions as is the norm with a kit this old.

OK so what we got here?
A pile of parts that with a bit of TLC can
and damn well will make a decent model of the interceptor
whether it likes it or not.
Thankfully it's far from the worst old resin kit
i've ever had to deal with so no biggie I assure you.

Should come out about 16 to 18" long when complete.
No decals but I have an artwork file which has the markings,
so a bit of scaling and some clear decal sheet for
inkjet printers will sort that kit shortcoming out.

This one requires no lighting but a stand with pole for
the 'in flight' feel is a must so that's on the
list for this bad boy.

And that's it so far, a simple enough get built and painted up in smart fashion.
Granted there's a bit of work to do but nothing new there for yours truly.
Untill the next round of fun, sun and suffering in the Hellhole, you goodly lot go easy out there now.

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