Solarwind Winged Karnstein Figure And Bust
1/6 And 1/4 Scale

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A bit like a Formula 1 racing circuit

Curves in All The Right Places...
And Potentially Dangerous.

Welcome along to the hellhole gang!
Well now, decided it was a decent enough excuse to use my modeling tokens...
Otherwise known as birthday money...
To get myself something nice.
After sending the monies I got me two boxes of a somewhat vampiric theme.
From Solarwind/Foxfire Studio inc. and as usual, very nice too!
First up is the Winged Karnstein figure in 1/6th.

Simple enough stuff comprising of eight rather nicely cast parts.

The somewhat gothic base with the appropriate skulls and clean as a whistle casting wise.
Just two pouring stubs which are no problem to sort.

Then the gloved arms, the booted legs and a pair of wings with some rather splendid surface texturing.
Just a small amount of flash to sort but it's more than a bit thin so no dramas here.

Nice eh?
And of course, the important bit.
As usual from Solarwind, excellent sculpt and cast.

Skin areas are smooth and defect free apart from the rather minimal mould lines which are no big deal.
The clothing, such as it is, has some good surface texture and detailing.

The arm and leg joint areas are along break lines for the boots and gloves so that's a headache saver.
Which i'm all in favour of.
The join stubs are fairly substantial so with some additional pining for extra insurance, should be a winner.

Air bubbles are minimal and centered around the crotch area but nothing that can't be dealt with in short order.
Plan for this one is a pretty much straight build and paint, much like the Solarwind four figure build I did some time back.

The second and last is the 1/4 scale Countess Karnstein bust and rather impressive at that.

Yeah, get all them impressive bust jokes done with now...
I did
Out loud.
To meself.

Moving on, this is she...

Lurking in the understated box is this rather spiffy single lump of resin cast goodness.

Oh yes!
This is the stuff!
Beautiful sculpt, splendid cast, gorgeous and she got big hair.
Fan of good looking women with a magnificent mane be me and I make no apologies for being so.

This casting, apart from the mould lines is as damn near flawless as makes no odds.
Detailing is rather good to say the least.

Plan for this one...well I got something a little different in mind here and that is...

Something you'll find out about as we go along assuming it works.

That's all for later, i'll probably get into it with these ladies with big hair and fangs as soon as the Dropship is done.
Mainly to take a break 'fore launching back into the Battlestar Pegasus lords save us all.
That's all for now so you lot go easy until next time!

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