Solarwind Winged Karnstein Figure And Bust
1/6 And 1/4 Scale

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Continual cleaning up capers...

And A Bit Of Gooey Stuff Goings On...
Going On.

Howdo all!
Right, Dropship dilemmas getting sorted at speed so a bit of time out for some resin uproar.
Dealing with the Winged Karnstein first so...

Parts of the figure given a brief cleanup to get shot of the bulk of the excess resin, holes drilled and brass pins added.
Wasn't that much to remove but there ya have it.

So a bit of joint work to sort out.
A very minor modification if you will.
Now the since the gloves and boots join to the figure proper along natural break lines, that's a help.
That said, it's just a personal thing when this situation arises that I prefer to have a...
How can I put this...
A slightly more three dimensional appearance than just a join line between clothing and flesh so to speak.
Going by the box top pic, the said boots and gloves are painted glossy black.
Or if ya like, they look like latex or rubber to me.
Fine and dandy to a point but since i'm an awkward bugger and this build is pretty much for me alone,
I would rather they look like black or well used old leather.

That is to say maybe a bit thicker so to speak and certainly not glossy patent leather.
Paintwork issues aside, I thought i'd start by giving the glove and boot tops a bit more depth.
Enter the putty stick.
Two part epoxy quick cure type.

Cut the required amount off the stick, knead it untill uniform in colour and shove where needed.
Simple enough.

So as per what one did perpetrate on the Adina figure build with the glove tops,
Some blue PVA fluid, normally used for GRP moulding release was applied to the areas on the figure body where the gloves and boots join to.
When all dry, a small amount of putty was mixed up, applied and the item pushed into place.
A little smoothing down and then left the hell alone to cure.
About 30 mins to be a bit more exact for full cure.

Once the gloves and boots where able to hold their own, time for the wing roots to have their say.
Now like pretty much all my personal builds, she will go elsewhere.
With that in mind, some snug push socketing so to speak was in order so the wings do not have to be permanently attached.
Just makes packing and shipping easier and reduces the breakage aspect.

So a couple of short lengths of brass rod, some holes drilled in the wings and at the bottom of the holes in her back did happen.
The brass rod ends that would go into her back to hold the wings were filed down one side.
Like this.

The same blue PVA, putty and squeeze action occurred.
this made two sockets if you will that the wings would fit snugly into and not flop about.
Never a good idea to have floppy wings...or floppy anything for that matter.
The wings were positioned spread a bit more apart than is seen on the box top pic.
No particular reason, just wanted them that way.
So with wing sockets sorted, a quick looksee of the whole deal so to speak.

Yeah, that'll about do it for me.

So then the whole figure was given a bath of sorts in warm water.
The blue PVA dissolves as it is meant to and with just a gentle movement of the parts a clean separation happened.
Or happened as I was hoping it would to be precise.
Always helps when it actually works and to be fair, it don't always do that but onward anyway.

So the boot tops to be sorta sorted first.
The fine grinding bits on the whizzy thing came into play here.
After some minor working down we got some slightly extended boot tops.

And a bit of dry fitting with a looksee.

OK, it be a start.
Looks just a wee bit more like legs going into boots than just a separation line to me.
Which is pretty much the object of the sodding about so will say so far so good.
Pretty much the same deal will happen for the gloves and then a bit of cutting in/scribe lark around the clothing just to give it a more sharply defined separation from the body of the figure.
Not that there's anything wrong with the castings as they are as such, i'm just a bit picky that way.
Or just bloody awkward if you prefer.
Either works trust me.

But that's it for now, more later when other bits on other models are taken care of.
Untill next update time, you merry lot go easy now.

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