Solarwind Winged Karnstein Figure And Bust
1/6 And 1/4 Scale

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Dealing with bits and bobs...

Gloves, Boots, Wings And Suchlike Sodding About

Welcome back gang!
Well have to admit, getting a bit harassed by all the hardware stuff so a time out.
And this is it.
Okedoke, glove and boot tops sorted to my satisfaction.
The said bits were then all cleaned up and the plugs for where the figure mounts on the base were removed.
So in mit der paintwork.
The gloves and boots were given a final bath then in with the primer to check for defects.
None found and nicely surprised was I so on with the Vallejo acrylic matt black, hand brush applied.

Now then, as noted before I am going for the well used but in good condition leather look.
So starting with enamel drybrush doo-dad of matt black and brown leather colour.
Started with pretty much a 80/20 black to brown mix and a fairly strong drybrush.
Then going to about a 60/40 mix and a bit more gentle with the brush.
A slightly more gentle pass with a 50/50 mix.
Then a final of about 30/70 of black to brown just to catch the fold tops in the gloves and boots.

Also you'll notice the glove tops now have a peak like shape.
I did this for no other reason than to match the pointy shaped boot tops...
Yep, ok, just to be different too, there's that.

The satin like surface is nothing more than a result of the furious drybrushing.
it goes like this if like me, you don't wait longer than the time span of drinking a cuppa in between coats.
in this case, the effect is just fine by me.

And so to the wings.
Perpetrated in a manner not unlike what was just done on the boots and gloves.
A good clean up and in with some Tamiya acrylic satin black this time as the base.

From this point, some light buff enamel drybrushing.
A very dry drybrush but overall coating stiffly worked in.
Then the same paint with a bit more than last time in the brush but lightly passing over the wings.

Then a few final passes with the light buff with just a bit of white.
Varied the pressure and amount of paint to get the detail punch up I was after.
Finished off with some acrylic satin varnish lightly airbrushed on.

So all this was given the overnight to settle down.
All sorted so the bling accompaniment on the hands.
Out with the Vallejo acrylic metallic's.
Some gold mixed with a small amount of black on all the to be shiny bits.
Followed by some fine black lining around each.
Then the workup with a variety of white gold, brass and rich gold where appropriate.
The gemstones were just flat white with Tamiya clear colour's over the top.

Nice methinks.

Last two bits for this update.
the base now cleaned up and primed.

As noted before, the plugs on the figures boots had been removed so the sockets on the base were filled and smoothed.
I may fit a pin on one boot of the figure to go into the base for some support insurance.
But otherwise the figure will be pretty much free standing so to speak.
Main reason being that when done, she will most likely get sold so it'll make the packing easier and transportation safer.

And after some faffing about, the main body primed and readied up for painting.

And these bits we'll get into next time.
So untill such time, you merry lot go easy out there now!

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