Solarwind Winged Karnstein Figure And Bust
1/6 And 1/4 Scale

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About time I got my act together...

So Let's Get This Lass Together.
Part 1.

Welcome back gang!
Right then, final paintwork pandemonium and putting it all together.
First up, the stand to deal with.
A fairly straight forward affair, a goodly coat of an enamel mid-stone colour applied via airbrush.
Then working up in stages of some airbrush/hand brush/pastel chalk patterning to give it a sort of sandstone & marbleish effect.
Then some dark pastel/enamel and acrylic wash shading and dirtying down routine was done.
Lastly a bit of drybrushing to bring out the detail.
Each stage had a burst of matt acrylic varnish thrown at it to seal.

Sorted nicely methinks so onward!
On to the body of the girl proper so out mit der airbrush.
Used Vallejo acrylics for this wee task.
Base flesh tone applied in two coats with the single action airbrush
Then fired up the double action for the light flesh.

Some pastel grinding followed with a dark red brown applied to all the clothing edging.
Then working up the skin shading with a medium brown just applied light or heavier where needed.
When done with each step, the airbrush applied matt acrylic varnish of course.

So to what I usually consider the make or break in any figure I do, the face.

The eyes first, a coat of white with a little blue in then touching over with white to leave a slightly off white edge.
Since I decided on green eyes rather than blue, out with the Tamiya clear green and a coat applied.
A fine circle of Vallejo white glaze applied to the iris area.
The pupils were filled in with some 5 min epoxy glue with enamel black mixed in.
The black of the pupil had a small white catch light painted on.
Finally a line of Tamiya smoke to the top like if the eye and a thin line of enamel wine red to the edge of the eyelids.
A bit of deep purple ground pastel chalk eye shadow.
Finally some black eyeliner and that was that deal sorted.

The mouth was given a going over with some acrylic mahogany.
The the teeth were painted with acrylic ivory.
The lips painted in acrylic matt red then some satin varnish and red pearlescent watercolor mixed and applied to the lips.
A smidgen of red ground pastel chalk for a hint of cheek blusher.
A light brushing over with some acrylic dark earth/black mix for the eyebrows and we be there.

And that's it for the first part.
Next and final part on the next page so off ya go folks and i'll see thee there!

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