Solarwind Winged Karnstein Figure And Bust
1/6 And 1/4 Scale

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And finally...

Getting This Lass Finally Together.
Part 2.

Ah, you're here, goodoh!

So to the clothing...what there is of it.
Hand brushed some acrylic matt black for the whole deal.
Once all cured proper, some dry brushed mixture of acrylic matt blue and metallic grey applied pretty much all over the clothing.
The non-textured areas of the clothing were gone over with the same mixture.
Then coated with some medium blue pearlescent watercolour/acrylic varnish mixture.

As soon as that lot had sorted itself out, out with the 00 brush and Vallejo rich gold.
Copious amounts of squinting and teeth gritting ensued but finally all the lining and edging was done.
A touch or three of enamel black wash for a final sharp edging off.

Last bit o' bling work.
The slightly impressive pendant like thing above the very impressive assets.
This was given a going over with acrylic brass with some black added.
Then a coat of almost drybrush fashion acrylic rich gold.
The center jewel was just Tamiya clear red applied straight on to the gold.

Final bit of paintwork to do, that rather magnificent mane of hair.
The box art shows her to be blonde.
No problem with blonde but for this turn out, a brunette of sorts.
I find a darker hair colour frames the face a bit better.
A mix of acrylic mahogany and black applied to the whole thing.
Then working up with enamel paints in varying shades of brown drybrush applied.
Just wanted to give some subtle shading to the hair.

That'll about do it methinks.

So the other parts brought out of hiding and some 5 min epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk mixed up.
Boots and gloves put where they should be.

Wings slotted into place and the girl placed on her base.
A few pics for a finish.

Well so far so good.
That's one down and one to go.
Overall, have to say i'm reasonably satisfied with the results.
She do have an impressive look to her that's for certain!
Another well sculpted winner and excellent casting from the merry mob at Solarwind and zero complaints from me so it's all rather good I reckon.

A gallery proper with higher resolution pics can be got to and looked at by clicking on the piccie below.

And that's enough outta me for now.
I'll see you lot for the next update to happen I know not when.
Until then, you lot take good care of yaselves and go easy now.

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