Tamiya Kawasaki KZ1300 B
Touring Motorcycle
1/6th Scale

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It's all about the detailing...

And It Can Be Exhausting In The End.

Onward with the hoo-ha!

Ignition pack and water tank assembled, painted and decaled up where required.

In place.

Rear wheel detail parts got a decent going over with the paint/assembly deal.
Shocks, shaft drive housing and brake disc dealt with.

Side/kick stand fitted.

Ignition lock in place.

Wheels both masked up and given a spray over of rattle can Tamiya semi gloss black.

Rear wheel and swing arm assembled.

Now to the radiator and here's where I had some fun...

Now then, guess which idiot managed to lose the mesh stone guard for the radiator?
Yep...So time to make up a former of sorts, chop a lump of steel mesh off a sheet and get to the hammering thing.

A fair bit of gentle and not so gentle tapping later,
a rip round with a carborundum slicing disc and I got pretty much what i'm after.

Now as long as I don't lose this one as well, i'm good.


I do believe the scale modelling gods are having a bloody good laugh at my expense.

Come time to to assemble the radiator main and sides.
Fishing through the sprue's for the bits and what falls
out of the side fold of the center box packing insert?

Aye, the kit radiator stone guard mesh.

Kit one to the top, the one I spent an hour making to the bottom.

So my mesh duly thrown in to the spares box which I missed because of laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Parts painted and assembled.
The chrome trim was done with self adhesive aluminium foil tape, sliced to fit then polished.

Horns and front fairing attachment frames both assembled painted and fitted.

Now for the exhaust pies and related bits.

These all had seams so they had to go.
with that in mind, it's Alclad time!

Seams removed and chrome stripped for the main pipes.
Mufflers/silencers stripped, assembled and cleaned up for Alclad antics.

Done and some heat staining done on the main pipes.
Alclad pale bunt metal, Tamiya clear blue and smoke all airbrushed on.

Rear wheel and swing arm installed.
Rear brake line in place.
Rear brake pedal assembly sorted, front foot rests likewise and all fitted.

Main pipes in place, exhaust boxes dealt with and also fitted..

Radiator fan and housing got the paint palaver done and installed.
Radiator and piping likewise


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