Tamiya Kawasaki KZ1300 B
Touring Motorcycle
1/6th Scale

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On the last lap..

So Let Us Be Away To The Finish Line!

Same last detail parts to get done.

Battery parts painted where needed, some decals applied and ready.

Battery fitted in nice and snug.

Side covers fitted.

Head light assembly dealt with.

Saddles assembled, painted with just a smidgen of german grey
dry brushing for a bit of wear and a dab of silver where needed

Touring box in place

Tank decaled, polished and finished.

In place.

Top fairing all done.

In place and head light fitted.

Bottom fairing's taken care of.

In position.

And that's it, she be done!

And looks pretty spiffy on the side stand.

Not sorry in the slightest that I got this kit.
It looks good and always nice to tick one off the wish list so job done!

Link to the gallery proper can be got at by hitting the piccie button below.

Hope you've enjoyed the little turn out.
Thanks for stopping by, look after yaselves out there now and go easy.

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