Masterpiece Models Liberator
From The BBC TV Series 'Blakes 7'
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Series was a bit ropey,

But The Ship Was a Nice Design.

And we're off again it would seem!
Another box of resin cast goodies and
i'm happy to say they are good.

What In Da Box Thing Oh Hairy One?

Some crisply cast resin parts,
a waffle sheet of how to clean up the parts,
a bag containing a decal sheet,
three resin parts,
some brass tube and a load of fine styrene rod.
Also present is a a two view drawing of what the ship should look like.

No assembly destructions as such but just looking at the box pic,
it's fairly obvious where everything should go.

So to the lumps o' cast stuff.
Well box top and pile of bits looks something like the following...

The three pods that sit out on the pylons are well cast affairs to be certain.

The nose piece that mounts on the front of the main body.
A bit of casting flash and a subsurface air bubble or
three but nothing that a small dollop of Aves can't sort.
Quick clean up and dry fit.

Speaking of the main body...

Crisp surface detailing.
Only an air bubble or two so like the rest,
no big deal to straighten out.
Moulding seams likewise.

The big ball thing on the rear is the engine...I think...
That will get hollowed out and replaced with clear parts.
A circuit installed to provide a green pulsing light source
like the model in the series had.

Three cast resin pylons to connect the pods to the main body.
They appear to have a bit of wire cast in to them,
I am assuming to help stop any pylon sagging as the
side pods are almost 1/2 a pound in weight each.

Nice thought but I don't think it's going to be enough over time.
I'll do up some replacements for those.
Onward anyways!

Lastly the decal sheet.
Nice enough waterslide's but the red symbols seem a bit jagged in the edges.
Almost like it was a low resolution artwork print if you know what I mean.
No idea if that's correct or not but it'll
be dealt with like all the rest as we go along.

A base stand is included but since the lighting lark is going to be applied,
that's bound for the spares bin.
Nothing personal.

So then as you may have gathered, a build, light and paint thing going no with this one.
More as we proceed gang so stay tuned!
Untill next time, go easy out there people.

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